Remembering Reverend Moon in Slovakia

By FFWPU Slovakia, Barbara Grabner, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 3, 2015: In early summer some members expressed the desire to hold an event for the general public to commemorate the ascension of True Father according to the solar calendar. Sooner or later September 3rd should be declared as international “Sun Myung Moon Day”. Until this dream becomes reality we want to establish a tradition on the national or local level. It creates a wonderful opportunity to share our love for True Father with friends old and new. When the idea was presented during a Sunday service in June, all responded positively.

During summer we gathered idea show and where to hold it, how to approach the public etc. We produced a nice leaflet with the slogan “Forgive – Love – Unite” and rented a hall in the famous Zichy Palace located in the pedestrian area of the old town. FFWP, WFWP and UPF contacted people who had attended our events in the past; all who had received the autobiography also belonged to our target audience.

On Thursday, 3rd September at 18:00 we were wary about the result of our witnessing efforts. In the entrance hall we had prepared a small exhibition about our founder´s life course. After taking our seats it was evident that the number of guests and members was almost 50:50.

To start piano music and the poem “Crown of Glory” recited by Dorota Simekova created a calm atmosphere. Then the leaders of FFWUP, WFWP and UPF bowed and presented flowers in front of the picture of Rev. Moon while the audience was standing. A power point presentation about the life course and work of True Father followed. At that time numerous unknown people arrived and took a seat. They had attended an exhibition opening in an adjacent room, and driven by curiosity entered our place.

Obviously, they were fascinated because they stayed until the end. So our desire to testify to “new guests” was fulfilled in an unexpected fashion…

Four members – Igor Koromhaz, Stefan Jakubac, Lubica Magnusson and Milos Klas – testified about special encounters and the vision of True Father. Then our MC Milos Prochazka, a graduate of the Korean studies explained the word “Seonghwa” before a nice film about the ceremony in 2012 was shown. At the conclusion, we all enjoyed the tasty food which was prepared by our Japanese sisters in the entrance hall.

Beside this official event in our capital, there were meetings held also in other places. In the city of Nitra the event was held in the FFWPU center. The highlight there was the testimony by Old Catholic Church archbishop Augustin Bacinsky, who has been in touch with us for many years. His deep and very personal reflection about his meetings with True Father was very moving and challenged our members to reflect more deeply upon their own personal relationship to True Father. This family-like meeting which was filled with a feeling of gratitude continued quite a long time after the official part had finished. The participants simply enjoyed being together as brothers and sisters.