Practicing the Principle and Sharing It with Others

By FFWPU Poland, Martha Kral, Glanow, Poland, August 27-30, 2015: A seminar entitled “Practicing the Principle and Sharing It with Others” was organized in Glanow, Poland, on August 27-30. The workshop primarily addressed those Second Generation teenagers, who have been actively involved in various HARP activities, have been helping in organization of workshops for younger kids and/or teaching Sunday school classes in their local communities. The workshop was designed so that to help the teens to become better team- leaders and Sunday school teachers.

Twenty Second Generation, mainly from Poland participated in this program.

The first 2 days of the seminar were led by Nicole Thurner, the Second Generation sister with lots of experience in working with young people at the workshops (especially in Germany) and in STF. Nicole prepared Principle-based presentations and various activities that helped all the participants to understand, what it means to be a good team-leader and experience team-unity. She spoke about the necessity to develop parental heart and attributes of a true leader, explained, how understanding of the Fall, Principles of restoration and Cain/Abel model can help in solving problems and developing deeper relationships with people, especially when working in teams. Group activities proved to be not only useful, but also fun – all the participants could experience different aspects of team- work through completing various tasks.

The last 2 days of the seminar were led by Tim Atkinson, the British brother, who’s been for many years involved in educating children at Sunday school classes. He has created a wholesome program for Sunday school teachers, that has been widely used in European churches. During the seminar Tim shared his experiences in teaching Sunday school for younger kids; spoke about the importance of consistent Principle-based education, presented some Sunday school classes (which involved various exciting and fun activities). The participants also had an opportunity for teaching practice.

During the seminar we also had a special service commemorating the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s Seung Hwa. Everybody was very moved by the message delivered by Krzysztof Kral.

During one of the evenings the participants shared their testimonies of being at STF and at Cheong Pyeong and also of being team-leaders at various 2 Gen workshops; we also had a family night where the participants could express their talents by creating new songs and acting out sketches on team unity. Late evening prayer with candles on the Holy Ground was one of the highlights of the seminar.

These four days created an opportunity for the teens to develop skills needed for a leader and a teacher, which would help them to take more responsibility in their local communities.