Peace Road 2015 in Samoa

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FFWPU Samoa: On August 20, Savaii, Samoa held the Peace Road. The Peace Road committee consisted of EFKS (Congregational Christian Church of Samoa) ministers, school principals and village mayors from both Sili and Sapapalii. Stephanie Wallace, an American Peace Corps volunteer teaching at Sili Primary school, also helped organize it.

The Peace Road opening ceremony was on August 20 at Sili School. (Sili in Samoan means “highest” or “best.”) Teachers prepared speech, drama and song competitions with the theme of peace in the family, non-violence etc. Two businesses helped sponsor prizes and trophies.

Savaii was chosen because it is where pioneer missionary, John Williams entered Samoa in 1830, the place where paramount chief Malietoa Vainupo accepted Christianity and the rest of Samoa followed suit. It was also the place where the bible was translated into the Samoan language.

Wonhwa Tong-il Moo Do and Samoa Tae Kwon Do Federations introduced Martial Arts and character education to parents and village leaders. Ten young students were chosen to receive training as martial arts leaders.

Church leaders from EFKS, Methodist, Latter Day Saints and Assembly of God received honorary black belts and accepted to have WTMF taught to its youth.

On the 21, Sapapalii had their Peace Road event. Being the village to which the missionary ship “Messenger of Peace” arrived; much of the drama centred on the reenactment of the first missionaries landing in Sapapalii. Another aspect of the Peace Road theme was the reviving old customs to educate the young.

The prizes and trophies were given for winners and Reverend Esera, the local EFKS pastor spoke mostly on the need for martial arts training and the need for youth to unite mind and body.

The conclusion they challenged Sapapalii School in the “Soccer For Peace Cup” and a Korean Yut game. Finally FFWPU president, Seti Suafa, gave Character Education based on Genisis 1:28 and the commandment, “Don’t eat the fruit”

All village leaders were very moved and the event lifted the spirit of the villagers.

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