Chambumo Gyeong Publication Ceremony

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on Universal Seonghwa 3rd Anniversary Chambumo Gyeong Publication Ceremony, True Parents Emphasize “The three scriptural works contain the essence of the entire providence, a core that should not be added to or subtracted from.”


FFWPU Korea, Planning and PR Department (from the FFWPU Korea weekly News): The Cheon Il Guk Scripture Compilation Committee of the Family Federation for World Peace and Reunification (FFWPU) hosted a Chambumo Gyeong Publication Ceremony for Chambumo Gyeong on the 19th day of the 7th month (September 1, 2015) at the main hall at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, with 900 people in attendance, including True Mother and FFWPU International President Moon Sun-jin with her husband, Park In-sub.


Emphasizing the importance of scriptures, appreciating the work of the scripture compilation committee

In True Mother’s address at the Chambumo Gyeong publication ceremony, she offered some works of reflection, “At this publication ceremony that is part of the 3rd Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa, let us offer our deep appreciation for his many years of hard work to True Father, who has now entrusted the work to those of us here on the earth, and after his consolation and greeting to our Heavenly Parent at the Bon Hyang Won, has entreated us to continue freely.”

Regarding the scriptures, she shared, “I congratulate you that today, with the completion of Chambumo Gyeong, the three Cheon Il Guk scriptures have now been completed in three languages. This is indeed a day for thanksgiving. I would like to thank all the members of the committee, the professors, and everybody else who worked on Chambumo Gyeong, of course, and indeed, on the compilation of all three scriptures. Congratulations.”

She continued, “The beginning and end of Heaven are one and the same. The goal of our Heavenly Parent is the same as the goal of True Parents. Because of this, True Parents’ words are also the same from the beginning up until now. It may be that things were expressed a bit differently at different times to suit the time that they were spoken, but the central points are exactly the same. This is because the goals of Our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are the same. There are many scriptural works, but the Three Cheon Il Guk Scriptures contain the essence of True Parents’ entire providential history. The are an extract. They are like a perfect jewel to which nothing needs to be added or subtracted.”

In conclusion, True Mother emphasized the importance of the scriptures, “You must understand that for the three years following the Universal Seonghwa, this work has continued in order to convey the love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and their desire to embrace each one of you and all of humanity. That is why nothing can be added or taken from these scriptures. They are our core. Nobody can change that. They are perfect. ”

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The historical and providential value of the three scriptures

The publication ceremony was presided over by Cho Gwang-myeong, the President of Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology, who served as MC and began with an opening declaration, a report prayer by Lu Kyeng Seuk, President of FFWPU Korea, a Hoondok scriptural reading by senior special assistant Jeong Won-ju, a commemorative speech by Kim Young-whi, Chairman of the Cheon Il guk Scripture Compilation Committee, a project report by Kim Seok-byeong, President of the History Compilation Committee, a publication message from Lee Jae-Seok, Vice Chairman of the Compilation Committee, a congratulatory message from Kim Min-ha, Chairman of the Segye Times, a presentation of bouquets, presentation of Chambumo Gyeong by International President Moon Sun-jin and her husband Park In-seop, a presentation of commemorative gifts by Tyler Hendricks, Chairman of the English Translation Committee and his wife Son Dae-o, distribution of copies of Chambumo Gyeong to the 13 international regions, an address by True Mother, congratulatory rice cake cutting, victory toast by Japanese UC movement President Song Yong-cheon, a luncheon, congratulatory performance, three cheers of Og Mansei led by North American Regional President Kim Ki-hoon and a closing declaration.

In his report prayer, FFWPU Korea President Lu Kyeng Seuk entreated, “On June 10, 2013 Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeong Hwa Gyeong were presented to True Parents, and after continuing to work with devotion after that, finally today we are sharing this publication ceremony when we are able to also present Chambumo Gyeong. From the birth of True Parents until True Father declared that everything was completed, about 15,000 providential events were recorded and each one of them them is part of the history of forgiveness and love. Please reach out through Chambumo Gyeong, which records all of True Parents’ lives, to all the members of the Unification movement and 7.5 billion people of the world, and bring a history of repentance.”

In his commemorative address, Kim Young Hwi, Chairman of the Compilation Committee said, “This ceremony today is a happy occasion because it marks the completion of the first stage of work through which we can convey True Parents’ tradition and achievements, the compilation of the Cheon Il Guk scriptures.” Emphasizing the book’s historical and providential value, he said, “Cheonbumo Gyeong is like a jewel that contains the very core of the more than 700 volumes of proclamations, sermons and speeches that True Parents made in the course of their work in order to complete the providence of restoration in heaven and on earth. It is a final clear report on the blood, sweat and tears that True Parents have shed.”

He continued, “It gives me great joy that with the completion of the Cheon Il Guk scriptures, we now have much that we can pass on to humankind. When people receive True Parents words and live according them, it opens the path for them to follow True Parents’ lives, so I hope that all of them will live their lives following True Parents’ path.”

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A providential autobiography, pointing to the path for Cheon Il Guk citizens

In his project report, President Kim Seok-byeong shared, “Following True Parents’ special direction and working under their attention and love, Chambumo Gyeong was compiled over a period of two years and seven months. Chambumo Gyeong is a providential autobiography, constructed with excerpts from True Parents’ words and explanatory passages and a timeline, and will help the citizens of Cheon Il Guk to find the path they need to follow,” following which he explained the process and principles that were followed in the compilation and the translation process.

In his publication message, Lee Jae-seok, Vice Chairman of the Compilation Committee explained, “Chambumo Gyeong, as a scriptural work that contains True Parents’ words and life course, is an incredible legacy that has been passed to humankind. As a testimony to how True Parents pioneered the path of restoration and brought victory, Chambumo Gyeong illuminates the path that humankind must follow. In addition, Chambumo Gyeong tells about True Parents’ most recent and greatest accomplishments, such as Foundation Day, the day that marked the end of the history of the providence of restoration and the beginning of the age of Cheon Il Guk.”

Segye Times Chairman Kim Min-ha’s congratulatory address underscored the importance of the event and called on those gathered to take up their own tasks, “My congratulations on this Publication Ceremony for Chambumo Gyeong, which will convey True Parents’ precious words and accomplishments for all eternity is truly a cause for celebration. I want to thank True Parents, who accomplished many important works with determination, as well as Kim Young-Hwi and the compilation committee for their efforts. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have gone through suffering and glory together worked throughout their entire lives, and even now they are working in unity to lead the providence. Let us complete our responsibility and mission, and become united as true children.”

True Parents were presented with the first copy of the recently completed Chambumo Gyeong by International President Moon Sun-jin and Vice President Park In-seop, and then a commemorative gift from Tyler Hendricks, Chairman of the English Translation Committee and Vice Chairman, Son Dae-o. Following this, True Parents presented copies of Chambumo Gyeong to the Regional Presidents from Korea, Japan, North America, Central America, South America, Asia, China, the Middle East, Europe, Northeast Continent, West Africa, East Africa and Oceania.