WFWP International President, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon’s Visit to New Zealand

FFWPU New Zealand: Unification Movement in New Zealand was so honored to welcome Yeon Ah Nim’s coming to Auckland, New Zealand from 13th to 15th of September. Her arrival inspired members from all corners of New Zealand to attend a member of the True Family and unite before Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

On the morning of September 14th, Yeon Ah Nim prayed at New Zealand’s Holy Ground along with key leaders and WFWP’s members. In the evening, she launched Global Women’s Peace Network at Quality Hotel, Parnell; attended by about 100 guests, family members and women leaders in New Zealand. She delivered a speech on the importance of women’s role in following Heaven’s decree to create an environment of peace that transcends all barriers.

The next day, Yeon Ah Nim visited Muriwai Beach as she followed the trail of True Mother when she visited New Zealand in 2006. Then, she took her time to impart her views to WFWP members as WFWP International President in a gathering at Parnell Peace Embassy; and it was followed by a family dinner with New Zealand members at the Jubilee Hall, where she wholeheartedly shared True Mother’s sacrificial heart in serving Heavenly Parents and humanity, as True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

She emphasized the need for a country which God can dwell in, in order to protect God’s people and prevent misfortunes to be passed on to younger generations. New Zealand family members, young and old, were deeply touched and moved by her sincerity, love and devotion for all of us.

Various gifts were also presented starting with gift from members to our dear True Mother and gift to Yeon Ah Nim, her entourage and also to Oceania Continental leaders, Rev. and Mrs. Yoo. Yeon Ah Nim also presented the various gifts from True Mother to the members especially to the 2nd generation members. Members were truly grateful and humbled by Yeon Ah Nim’s visit and they hope that they may have the opportunity to serve members of True Family and our brothers and sisters from various parts of the world again.