Malaysia: First Nationwide 2nd Generation Blessing Workshop

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By FFWPU Malaysia: On September 25 to 27,  2015, there were 60 second generation children aged 15 years old above, participated in the 1st Nationwide 3 day second generation blessing workshop at Malaysia’s Peace Embassy. Around 30 parents of participants, attended the workshop with their children as well.

The workshop started through exciting ice breaking games. Follow by team assigning through a very fun introductory role play of their facilitators. There were “Michael Jackson”, “Master Wong Fei Hong”, “James Bond”, “Girl Generation”, “Elsa”, “Psy” and some others characters like a Thai Dancer, Taiwanese native and Shanghai gangster. After the special remarks from the national leader, Mr. Yutaka Yamada. An elder blessed husband, Mr. Sudesh G. Balasubramaniam from 30 thousand couple, share about his testimony regarding his matching process and Blessing to his beloved wife. They were match through photos and among the few lucky candidates that were sent to North Korea, as representative to show the model of Blessing to the North Korea. Max Wong, an elder second generation, share his experience of CIG matching and Blessing that he received.

After nationwide morning devotion sessions and breakfast, the participants are ready to receive their lectures. Due to the age gap of the participants, the lecturer, Mrs. Ahara have delivered a suitable topic to be share to the parents and their second generation children. The topic were “Building Legacy of True Love”. It is more on theological reason, “why I need to go for matching? Is Cheong Il Guk matching better than parents matching?” Next topic is “True Parents standard of Blessing.” “Absolute Purity is important,” Mrs. Ahara emphasized throughout the workshop. She also countlessly clarify to report clearly and honestly regarding purity issue so to avoid hurting ourselves, our family and the other candidate’s family. That is why the parents need to communicate well to their son or daughter regarding their expectation to have their future spouse. Next topic is “Second Generation‘s Blessing qualification and Parent’s Matching.”

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Mrs. Yeoh Koay Peng, the workshop coordinator also step forward to testify about her Blessing. She testified how she was demanding to Heavenly Parents to give her the best spouse because she was always the top role model to all. But God trained her in a way that she can overcome the external demanding, now she really see God in her husband. Even though they were not together always in the beginning of their Blessing. Then she concluded her testimony with a touching song with her husband. Next testimony were given by a second generation from Singapore. She testified how amazingly God give us what we need. She was avoiding the spouse for three years. But because of the perseverance of her spouse they can continue the Blessing. Next the participants have some group discussion. There are session, where the elder second generation were arrange to have deeper conversation with the facilitators and the lecturer after the lecture.

On 27 September 2015 morning, the national leader couple share their matching motivation and Blessing testimony. The preparation of their heart has brought them together even though the wife was just a new member, who newly join for 3months. An elder from Taiwan, Mrs. Lee Min Jung also share her testimony. How her husband sincerity and simplicity has won her heart over. After Sunday Service, special consultation was arrange to the candidates and parents who would like to join the Blessing. The workshop was successfully concluded.

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