International Day of Peace 2015 in Netherland

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By WFWP Nederland, Rita Salaris-Lichtenberg: The event was very successful. We had participants from different fields. The Scientology Church was present, the URI (United Religions Initiative), Peace Ambassadors (7), board of the WFWP, members of the Youth Department of FFWPU, UPF SG and chair of FFWPU NL plus other guests. Two new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed (Mr. Joop Remmerswaal and Ms. Emma Jansen – keynote speaker of PBI). We had 22 guests include and 19 of them came for the first time to our center. We also had 9 members together with 7 second generation helping us.

We had a wonderful MC called Sophia Davies-Jordan. She did a very good job. You know the MC is very essential for the success of any event. Compliments to her. Prof. Gautam spoke out Father’s name and pointed out His importance. Kyung In and Helen were part of the program and performed very well. Photography was in the hands of Corné van Es! He made a total of 244 photos and brought it down to the photos you see at the bottom of this email. Steven Yap was present for the technique!

The kitchen was organized by Mihoko Koetsier. Involved were Sachiko Schermer, Elfrid Moons and help came by Andries, Kyung In and Corné. The diner was very well liked. Excellent, also the entree was very creative.

In the sharing time many guests came forward with words and songs. Through this the spiritual atmosphere nearly exploded. For the first time I heard in the center the sound of a real African woman. Unique I felt. I think it was Stella Ismail from Somalia.

Everyone got an envelope in the beginning in which was the program, Father’s poem, the statement of Ban Ki-moon, the statement of UPF Int. and a special small sheet with video’s information to view on WFWP and North Korea for which was no time in the program. Furthermore a small envelope for the donation for the Children’s Hospital in Pyongyang. Mark Brann told me that the government of North Korea had asked us to continue with the project. The project started in 2011. It had been silenced 2 years (2013-2015) because of many complications in North Korea. But now they are asking us to continue. It seems that they prefer to receive help more from Europe instead than from South Korea (Mark’s words). So far 5 shipments have gone out to North Korea. Money involved: 1/4 Million Euro’s.

People gave money or promised to wire the money by bank. The total amount is not known yet. Many thanks for anyone who donated or who is going to donate. We can use the bank account of UPF which has ANBI status (see bottom of the program attached).

For those who couldn’t participate, I include what was in the envelope for the guests. Everyone many thanks for supporting this event. We all pay something in one way or another and it feels the spiritual bank account is growing.

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