International Day of Peace 2015 in Portugal

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By UPF / WFWP Portugal, September 21, 2015: This was part of our annual partnership with the City Hall of the Odivelas city, near the capital, Lisbon district, for the 3th consecutive year celebrating together the International Day of Peace.

WFWP with the support of UPF began the efforts to create the program, invitation letter, send the invitations and all the necessary logistic aspects in coordination with the HQ.

The Seminar was attended by about 45 people, and this time we had the collaboration, not only of the two Peace Ambassadors representing their associations “Life Love Me (AVA)” and “Food Alchemy (AA)”, but also two other associations representing a cultural and a coaching aspect, respectively “Culturface” and “Capacitare”, and also FFWPU president representing the collaboration of the FFWPU. The conference was divided into two separate panels, with 20 minutes break for coffee and confraternization, and eight persons/associations main interventions.

The event started with a cultural moment of some song presentations by three of our loving oriental sisters, but during the program we had also two more artists singing for the audience.

This time we could have the secretary of the city councilman who gave the initial address, showing their appreciation on working with our institutions until now, especially in a so important day as the International Peace Day. After that our sister Marta Rodrigues responsible for WFWP, gave her address about the theme “Citizenship for peace”.

We began our 1st panel, with a tribute to our True Father`s life, made by our elder brother Dr. Liberto Silva and soon after showing the introductory video of the SunHak Peace prize.

In between the other addresses FFWPU president spoke about “Contributions of FFWPU in Values for Citizenship” and UPF representative, Mr. Sérgio Vieira, spoke about “Comprehensive character education strategies”.

Besides still we didn`t had a bigger audience, the atmosphere was very nice and the whole program was held with great attention and interest shown by those present. We felt the City Hall is more open to work with us and that in the next year we should prepare to elevate the level and do much better.

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