Experiencing the Global Top Gun Workshop

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FFWPU Albania, Cheong Pyeong, August 7-September 4, 2015: Some of our community leaders (Manjola Vasmatics, Ejona Icka, Ajet Bosi and Arjan Haziraj) had the amazing opportunity to attend the First Global Top Gun Workshop in Korea from 7th – 27th of August 2015 in Cheong Pyeong, which was called by True Mother. These 4 community leaders were chosen by Rev. Shin among 9 community leaders we have.

Some of us came back already few days ago and we would like to share with you some of our experiences we had during the Global Top Gun workshop and other activities we could attend during our stay in Korea.

The GTG workshop was divided in 3 phases which corresponded to the 3 weeks of the workshop.

The first week was focused on the Emotion and the goal of the program was to make us feel one in heart as a global family through understanding and inheriting True Parents’ heart. For this purpose, the staff organized a pilgrimage to 9 holy grounds around Korea, which have historical values of True Parents course.

Manjola Vasmatics: For me was incredible to see with my own eyes or touch things which I had read, listened or explained to others. It was truly moving that I could walk the same land that True Parents walked, same streets, to sit in same house or room, to step the same stairs, or look from the same window, to keep in my back a person at the same road that True Father kept Mr. Pak from North Korea to South, to see the stones that True Father offered dedication and the tree which he planted by himself. To all of these elements was Heavenly Parents and True Parents heart. I understood how important is to know the history and the course of True Parents and the course of first members and then to inherit their spirit. This pilgrimage gave us such possibility. While we explain in lectures about the stone where the first ancestor of Moon tribe was found, today that stone is kept as national treasure with number 32 in Korea, and, interestingly enough, no other tribe in Korea has clear roots and evidence as Moon tribe has. The visit in Busan was truly meaningful. We heard often how True Father in those days talked to just 2 or 3 members that one day we will send missionaries in the whole world and that this place would be visited by people from different races and all continents. Actually this came true. In front of this fact, I prayed from Busan to inherit the spirit of witnessing from True Father. After we prayed at the Rock of Tears, we continued to climb the mountain while I prayed and I felt that we need to unite and to move as one global family in front of God. The pilgrimage showed me one more time the love of True Mother and True Father and the desire True Mother has for all humankind to know these historical places where True Father shed sweat & tears for the providence. During the pilgrimage, True parents became so alive and touchable.

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Ejona Icka: I have read some times True Father’s Autobiography and all the names and places we visited were very familiar to me, but you can never compare the feeling when you visit and touch things with your hands. I was very impressed by the first church in Chong Pa Dong, a small hall where many 7 days workshops with 120 people were organized, long lectures and countless meetings…but, beside the lectures and meetings, all these people needed to be fed and served and the biggest responsibility for this was of True Mother. When I saw the small kitchen and the rooms of 7 True Children born and grown up there, sincerely I was moved to tears. I am a mother myself and I worry for the growth of my child. But there, in that small kitchen, I saw a strong woman that didn’t cook and care only for her children, but for all others. A woman with a big heart that loved humankind since she was young. A women that didn’t have time to educate as much as she wanted her own children, because her children were all of us and she had to find the way to take care of and fulfill this.

Ajet Bosi: The Holy Grounds that True Parents have founded are the places where everything started in the providence. From these places started everything; from the opening of the first centre in Busan, the place where the Moon Tribe originated, the place where True Father talked with the first missionary to go to Japan and to establish the movement there, and many other meaningful holy places. I remember a message from a Korean brother in Gapsa temple, where True Father gave the mission to one of the first members, Mr. Choi, to go pioneer in Japan, and he mentioned that if he wouldn’t have absolute obedience, and total unity with True Father, none of us would he here today. In fact, 80% of workshop participants were connected to Japan; they had at least one parent Japanese. Also many members around the world have their spiritual roots from Japanese missionaries, which means everything is connected to this man who united with True Father. During the first week I felt a lot of emotions and good feelings and at same time a lot of gratitude.

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Arjan Haziraj: During the first week of the workshop, was the time that I cried the most in Korea. We went to some holy grounds where True Parents spent most of their precious time to bring forward the providence. Wherever I went I tried to visualize True Parents living in those places and I really felt blessed to have such an opportunity. At all holy grounds I had experiences, but I can’t share everything. I would like to share a spiritual experience I had in Busan. After we prayed at the rock of tears we were climbing at the hill. While walking I closed my eyes and I tried to visualize True Father. Suddenly, True Father showed up in the sky and was smiling at us. I wanted to keep my eyes closed, because I wanted to see True Father as long as possible. In those moments I felt True Father was saying: “I am happy for you and I am fine, but you need to share this experience with other brothers and sisters”. I felt very good and grateful from this experience.

Gani Rroshi: First week of the workshop was a time of deep experiences and tears. On the first day when we went to visit True Family cemetery in Paju, I felt deep in my heart the extreme pain and suffering of True Parents who had to offer their beloved children and grandchildren to bring forward the providence. True Parents have sacrificed a lot during their life to fulfil God’s Will. They passed through many difficulties and pains, but still they continued to love people even more, as the only way to liberate God’s Heart. Actually we know many things about True Parents, what miracles they did, their accomplishments and so on, but we really don’t know their heart behind all this accomplishments, and the pain they had to endure to realize all of this. As True Parents understood fully God’s heart and took full responsibility to liberate it, we also should first understand and feel True Parents heart and take full responsibility to liberate their heart.

The second week was focused in Intellect and it was Divine Principle workshop. The purpose of it was to rediscover the power of the Word. First we read for 10 minutes the red part of Divine Principle, and then the 3 lecturers who were from USA, combined the lectures with their personal experiences with True Parents, focusing on the application of the Principle in order to make it more substantial, understandable and practical in our life. The lectures were about 40 minutes. After the lectures we had discussions and shared our experiences with the team which we called family, finishing the session with questions and answers for 30 more minutes. All this process guided us in understanding more deeply some details of the Divine Principle, and making it My Principle, giving it more power to awake my conscience and push it toward God.

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Ajet Bosi: The second week I understood many new things and at the same time I could see how little we focus in Divine Principle and True Parents’ words. There are so many things you can discover in one sentence or even in one single word. Also I felt strongly the width and depth of the Divine Principle and how magical is it. The more you study, the more you understand the power of the Word!

Arjan Haziraj: During this time I could understand that we know logically Principle but not practically. And truly I felt that we don’t know True Parents, but we have certain conclusions without knowing them deeply and without understanding that True Parents are the incarnation of Divine Principle.

The third week was focused on the Will and was organized in such a way that the program of next day was finalized the night before, based on suggestions, challenges faced during the day and proposals, which came from each participant with the desire to improve continuously in order that all could feel partners and owners. In such atmosphere, God’s presence became more alive day by day. During this week we could go through a process which guided each one of us to see the value and uniqueness in myself and in others; helped us to identify our fallen natures and empowered to take responsibility to build CIG together. During the workshop, each of participants had the chance to be group (Clan) leader or team (Family) leader. Four clans with 40 participants each were composed of 4 families with about 8-10 participants, and their leader changed every day and everyone tried to give their best. Special sessions with special lecturers helped us to understand more clearly the CIG era and the divine value of our True Parents.

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Arjan Haziraj: During the third week I felt really good because I could know myself more. The biggest inspiration during this time was when I met True Mother. I think that I am one of the most happy and lucky people to be able to meet True Mother few times already during a short time. Whenever I met True Mother she conveyed a lot of love., same as my mother. This was truly exiting. Also I received many presents from True Parents which, I believe for sure, will be the most precious treasure of my family and will be unforgettable in my life. I will continue to do my best in Durres and Albania.

Ajet Bosi: The third week was composed in a way that we could have more possibilities to give ideas and share with each other. There were also many special lectures from people who were very close to True Parents like Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Dr. Gil Ja Sa, Youn Ah Nim, Dr. Song, Rev. Ann, etc. What impressed the most was what Dr. Pak shared with tears in his eyes, “I have not been the best member, but I never gave up and continued despite other things.” Also the sharing of Yeon Ah Nim, the wife of first son of True Parents, Hyo Jin Nim, when she said “don’t judge True Mother for what she does, because the thoughts and the heart of True Mother are different from ours. True Mother sees things from God’s viewpoint.”

Also we had the possibility to meet True Mother several times and some of the True Mother’s words that made me reflect were “the first two people couldn’t fulfil their responsibility and same thing we see in Christian culture today. People who don’t fulfil their responsibility became the root of this world that we have today. You are so blessed to be able to meet True Parents! What do you think and how do you live your daily life? My hope is that you become people who will build CIG.”

True Mother was very happy and we felt very happy to be able to make True Mother happy.

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Ejona Icka: Dear brothers and sisters, we all see a woman with a Crown in her head and the Sceptre in her hand guiding our movement. But she is much more than that. She is our True Mother, and this title was gained through passing all challenges beside our True Father, being together with him. I saw her eyes from very close and in them you can see God. There is so much love in the heart and the voice of True Mother. True Mother, same as True Father, gave her life many times for humankind and her heart was broken many times for not having her children besides her and that she couldn’t be enough with them while they were alive. Nevertheless, she never gave up, because she has a sublime mission. She is the Mother of Humankind!

In Korea I found hope, because there are so many young people who are dedicated to God’s Will and I was filled with love. There, I saw with my own eyes and this I want to testify to all of you, there is a lot of hope in our second generation. There are so many young people who are growing with True Parents spirit and vision and are ready to give everything from themselves in order to continue the work that their parents started; to create One Family under God. I really believe that love opens every the heart and Yes, we are a ‘love weapon’ and I believe that together we will make it.

It was also a good opportunity that I could know more & from a different viewpoint Gani, Lola, Arjan & Ajet.

Manjola Vasmatics: We had the possibility for several times to visit True Fathers tomb, to bow and pray there. The third time, the natural words that came from my heart were words of promising that I will work with True Mother and I felt True Father wanted so much to hear these words. While in the meetings with True Mother, you could understand her determination to fulfil all of True Father’s desires, working practically in the front line. True Mother invited us for lunch at the Cheong Jeon Gung and my team had the chance to sit very close to True Mother, such as from my table I could see how she was eating, how she held the cup, etc. I felt very comfortable in her presence, embraced, being myself, encouraged and totally free. Spiritually I felt very natural to put my head in her lap, because physically we are limited in time and space. When Sun Jin Nim, after her speech, embraced True Mother, I felt that Sun Jin Nim was every one of us. Also we had the chance to listen to many lectures & testimonies from the first members which looked like fairy tales or fantastic movies where you can make miracles with magical stick. Finally, it was precious to have so much time to spent together with Gani, and other community leaders Ejona, Ajet & Arjan. We shared several times and we feel more close to each other. From all this I felt that we are together in this mission and have same purpose. I feel a lot of gratitude toward True Mother!

Gani Rroshi: The whole time in Korea, including the main event of the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa with 30.1 people at the Peace Centre, where the gratitude for all Japanese brothers and sisters grew to a higher level, the world leaders assembly, the visits at True Father’s tomb, the meetings with True Mother, showed me very clearly one more time that we are the most lucky and blessed people in history. During this time I understood the incredible value of every brother and sister and every human being. I understood how True Parents invested 100% from themselves every moment, even when in front of them were simple people who didn’t understand their heart; I felt deeply that True Parents have sacrificed and suffered to save me; I understood that the vision and the ideal of True Parents being so high belongs to the future, and those who understand and follow True Parents are very special and stand in an extraordinary foundation and are pioneers in building a world which is God’s ideal, therefore naturally they are opposed. An finally, I understood that Heavenly Parent and True Parents need pure objects that can reflect 100% their pure & divine love so that in this way they can convey it to their 7.5 billion sons & daughter of this world. Heavenly Parent & True Parents expect us to become those objects who can convey their love 100% to our nation.

Our sincere wish is that every brother and sister can have the possibility to have such experiences. We share our limitless gratitude for:

  • Heavenly Parent,
  • True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
  • All brothers and sisters and
  • Our beloved families