Divine Principle Seminar in Togo

FFWPU Togo: WE hold a seven day workshop for 1st Generation from September 14-20, 2015, with 13 participants, which included 3 sisters and 10 brothers.

The purpose of this workshop was to to prepare the participants to attend next Blessing ceremonies and doing our best to reach the goal of “VISION 2020“ in our nation. All of them were very happy to be touched by the Word of the Divine Principle, the New Truth, and to discover that the Messiah, our True Parents. All of them decided to continue the studies in order to know more deeply about our True Parents.

At the end all the participants received their certificate at National Center of Education of Adidogome

Just a week before, on September 13th we had another weekend seminar which was held in Assahoun town a few kilometers from North West of the country. There were 20 participants. And that was opening ceremony for our new center in that town which was guided by Mr. Ayi ATIDEKE.