Belgium: Divine Principle Workshop


By FFWPU Belgium, Hugo Veracx, September 19, 2015: It is a long time ago that we had a DP workshop in our center in Brussels. So, we were very happy to welcome 2 new young guests for a workshop this WE 19th of September. They were the friends of the children of Gerard and Meling Degrijze. Gerard had already organized several workshops in his home and had successfully kindled a fire in their heart to know more. As a result, it became a very exciting workshop. Very interactive. One of the girls had many experiences with God and was very inspired by the DP. When we gave the conclusion, both were at the top of their chairs. They wanted to know so much more and were overflown of happiness. We gave them True Fathers autobiography.

Congratulations to Gerard’s family. They have invested so much to bring these 2 girls. However, the real battle still has to come. We hope we can protect them well and give them the best chance to get to know our True Parents well and that they may continue to grow.

It is very uplifting for one’s family to be able to teach DP in one’s home as Tribal Messiah. I also had a guest of my daughter coming to listen the DP at my home. It gives so much stimulation and uplifts the whole home.

The WE before, the WE of the 12-13th of September we had another 2 day Workshop in our center for a friend of one of our Sec Gen. This was however, very different. He came to get to know more about our faith but he had several strong pre-conceptions. He refused to accept the existence of God pertinently and had plenty of prejudice on True Father. So, it was very confrontational. At least even though all this negativity he had to admit that our faith and ideal is wonderful and deserves his respect.