Even Talking About Promiscuity Can Be Sensitive

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FFWPU Nepal, Robert Kittel: Recently Mrs. Blessie Dhakal, the wife of the Special Envoy to Nepal and Member of Parliament Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, had an article published in a very prominent magazine in Nepal. In her own right she is the President of WFWP-Nepal. This is a national, monthly magazine. Reason for asking her opinion is that Mrs. Dhakal is one of the prominent rising women of Nepal.


Blessie G. Dhakal, CEO and President, WFWP Nepal

Even taking about promiscuity can be sensitive. Media amplification tends to remove social barriers thereby encouraging people to think this behavior is “okay.” No doubt pre- and extra-marital relationships are increasing, in large part due to the Western culture’s emphasis on self-centered happiness based on extreme individualism.

Young people especially need to know the risks related to sex outside of marriage, including: life-threating incurable diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortion trauma, mental flashbacks, suicide and broken hearts. There are social risks as well: family breakdown, lover rivalries, domestic violence, property disputes, absent or disrupted education, escalating crime, rising cost of health care and other social services, and a diminished tax-base. History is testimony that the misuse of human sexuality can even cause civilizations to fall (the Roman Empire, Han Dynasty and Mogul Empire are examples).

What is the solution? We — parents, teachers, social leaders and the media — must collectively teach the importance of marriage and family. This cultural value is more dominate in Asian societies. Love without marriage is more easily broken; marriage without love is dry and boring. Love needs marriage and marriage needs love! “We” need to teach that the proper use of human sexuality is in marriage, a norm endorsed by all religions East and West.