Thailand: How to Become Better Parents?

By FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn: A Seminar on Parents education by Mr.Toshio Tada, Director of Family Education Department, FFWPU Japan which took palce on 25-27 July 2015 in Thailand.


This workshop has brought one of the greatest revival for blessed families and community of faith of FFWPU Thailand in history of UC Thailand since 40 years ago. Through Mr. Tada’s lecture and guidance, Blessed Families can feel so much Heavenly Parent and TP’s love and grace toward their lives, children and families through the clear understand and internal realization about how to communicate and give and take with children to fulfill God’s expectation; how to apply Principle and True Parents’ word in practical way in the relationship between parents & children, wife & husband and brothers & sisters within the family according to spiritual viewpoint, psychological viewpoint and sociological viewpoint.

This workshop initiated by Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of Thailand. He heard about Mr. Tada’s presentation about the great development of Parents’ Workshop in Japan one year ago and determine to invite him to Thailand because he realizes that it is extremely necessary for blessed families in Thailand to have more clear understanding and experience to raise up second generation and create ideal families in practical way.

On weekend, July 25-26, there are around 150 participants, most of them are blessed families and some CARP leaders. Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG special envoy gave welcoming remark and Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director of Asia gave opening remark to the workshop. On July 27, Mr. Tada convey clear vision and mindset about how to take care families and children to Thailand leaders, especially for Family Department, Second Generation Department and Education Department. There are also many blessed families and CARP leaders join, total 60 participants.

This workshop allow participants to understand clear about what to do, how we should change, from the psychological and mental view points. It combine between Sung Sang aspect, such as True parents’ teaching, Divine Principle, faith, tradition and ethics” & Hyung Sang aspect, such as human nature, psychology, counseling technique, scientific method and etc. With experience of Mr.Tada who had spent time to researched and developed these contents for more than 5 years and had already started to give this workshop in Japan for few years, his lecture is clear, concise and hit to the point. Within only two days, Blessed families received so much clear understanding, what they should change and how to practice these guidelines in their families. They receive many answers that they had struggled and could not find the solution for long time.

The atmosphere of main chapel of FFWPU Thailand HQ had turned to become the Heavenly atmosphere of true love through the tear of repentance, sympathy, hope, apology, new determination, conviction and wisdom. At the end of workshop, they expressed tear of apology toward their children while they wrote the letter to own children.

All participants felt so much love and grace from True Parents through Mr. Tada’s lecture that allow them to go out from ambiguous feeling and despair in improving the relationship between own family members by knowing and realization of how to apply TP’s word substantially to make relationship between family members become better and realize the ideal of Heavenly Parent’s expectation. The term such as “family life of faith”, “loving children is different from convey love reaching to children”, “gain trust from the children”, “Life of faith is to overcome ourselves to believe that our children is children of God” , “listen with empathy” , “Our life goal is to become TP by investing to the children to grow in true love environment and successful in marriage blessing and complete 4 great realm of heart” , “parents’ sincere motivation is so crucial”, “problems of children come from parent” , “how important and fearful of my message toward children”, “Negative response is message that children try to let us understand and change”, “How preciousness of our ability to apologize to our children” and etc.

Many CARP leaders and HQ staff who do not yet start family also participate this workshop. They felt so much grateful, especially, they can understand and realize of how to become better Abel toward members with heart of parent, how to create culture of heart and unity in the CARP center. Many of them shed tears of repentance when they realized about their misunderstanding and mistake that they had made toward members in the past and determine to become better leader of true love. Mr. Tada’s workshop is also the great leadership workshop to raise up “the Leader of True Love” who can bring Cain back to God’s blossom.

Furthermore, the experience that we learned from this workshop, it will help strengthen Tribal Messiah movement and FFWPU in Thailand. It will raise up counselors who not only can give lecture on principle of Ideal family but also to become professional who can give counseling to cure and solve problems about relationship within the family.

All participants make new determination to become better parents with strong conviction because of the clear understanding how they should change, what kind of motivation they should have and how to convey true love to reach to children and how to overcome & relieve the past mistakes. The sense of liberation and sign of great blessing come to Thai Blessed Families through this workshop. Thai blessed families feel that Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love and grace come closer to us because we can know what are our past mistakes, how to practice true love and how to create ideal family substantially start from myself.

Through this workshop, FFWPU Thailand feels so much love and support from Mother Nation – Japan. We would like to express the deep gratitude toward President Song Yong Cheol, President Eiji Tokuno and Director Toshio Tada; and also gratitude to Mr. Hajime Saito, a Japanese brother, who work as Missionary to Asia, as well as, director of Indochina region and national leader of Myanmar who gave translation to English throughout the workshop.

Mr. Tada proposes the second level workshop that parents and children will join together and he emphasizes on continuously practice and create small group of blessed families to always meet and share of difficulties, obstacles and good practices to improve the true love relationship within family.

FFWPU Thailand will continue to learn and practice True Parents’ teaching, establish culture of heart within the families and raise up second generation and third generation to inherit the legacy of true parents that are true love, life, lineage, life of faith and ownership as CIG owner and mission of Tribal Messiah in order to return joy, glory and happiness to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


“What we received from this workshop has such a great significance in revive Blessed Families in Thailand, such as about relationship between wife and husband, relationship between parent-child and preparation for future success of marriage life and family of our children.”

Sangkom Netsopa, Director of BFED, Thailand, 360000 couples


“I feel so deep gratitude for opportunity to join Workshop “How to become better parent” by Mr.Toshio Tada. Last two days was so precious for me to learn and understanding of how to make our family to become family of happiness. In the past, even though I try, I don’t know how to raise children and make my family to become most happy family. However, after I joined this workshop, receive explanation and guidance that how should I do, actually, even though it looks like easy but we never think about it deeply. I came this time, I feel so grateful and I really hope that my children will become surely full of happiness.”

Leader of Blessed Wives in Korea, 30000 couples

Very good lecture, can give revival me to consider myself deeply to be careful in my action toward children. Sometimes, I forgot that they are children of God. I use emotion too much and give the strongly command to them. So impressed for the words from God. I feel God’s love and understand my situation. Before nobody know how, even I and my husband cannot solve problem between us and children. But God know my situation, still give me chance and inspiration. Don’t cry and go forward, God’s be with me. I repeat… many time, don’t forget God really be with me.

Thai blessed sister from Thai-Filipinos family in Thailand, 30000 couples

This workshop gave me a very clear idea and understanding. It seems like a door has opened up. “Live a life of faith as family” gave me complete answer in the sense why if I try so much just to work out on my own to solve the problem, I will never satisfy my own conscience because it is not the way for this new era as we enter after Ki Won Jeol. Rev. Tada is the first person who explain to me clearly our identity and which point in the providence where we are standing on. Once I come to this realization I got the clear answer. My conclusion is I need to cooperate well with my own family members…and as the family cooperate well, heavenly fortune is already there to support us. I realize that though I have a lot of home work to do but I am so grateful that God gave me such a wonderful family and many experiences with Him and True Parents and that is my great heavenly capital. Now I have much much more confidence to go forward in realizing God’s dream than ever, and have great hope to fulfill them all in my life time. Thank you so much for the great support from Japan, thanks for Rev. EijiTokuno, one of my classmate during my study at UTS. His support to allow Rev. Tada to come to our small country despite his crazy busy schedule, the great support from National Leader of Japan and Rev. Toshio Tada himself are truly and deeply appreciated and grateful. Please continue to come and help in educating us more for the sake of building one world human family under God. Thank you very much, 감사함니다.

Mrs. Maneerat Kobayashi, Director of Publication Department, 8 children, 360000 couples