WFWP Malta, in a TV Talk Show ‘Which Belief, What Religion?’

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By WFWP Malta, Myrabelle Corlett: On July 22, 2015 WFWP Malta, was invited by Dr. Emmy Bezzina to participate in his program on Malta’s Favorite/Living TV Channel for the weekly 2-hour Talk Show ‘Between Friends’.

The panel consisted of two foremost lawyers, Dr. Emmy Bezzina ( Ambassador for Peace, UPF) and Chevalier Dr. Josie Pace (Member Men for Christ), two final year female law students and Myrabelle Corlett who was introduced by Dr. Emmy Bezzina as one of the founding members of the local Unification Movement and presently Chairperson of WFWP Malta. Mr. Kevin Micallef chaired the discussion.

Important points were raised regarding the position of the Catholic Church vis-a-vis other religions in Malta. Ms. Corlett spoke from the view point of how a true parental heart has the capacity to embrace the whole family of mankind. At this point, Dr. Pace asked for elaboration on the subject of the ‘Divine Principle’. The young law students on the panel expanded on the point that a revision of the constitutional laws regarding preferential aspects for Malta’s Catholic State religion should be levelled to give all established religions equal rights.

Favorite/Living Channel aired the program 3 times over the following 24 hours.

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