USA: Divine Principle Clicks for Workshop Participants

By FFWPU USA: The second 7-Day Divine Principle workshop to take place at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas concluded on July 31, 2015, providing 11 full-time participants and 12 part-time participants with a week’s worth of in-depth Divine Principle education. All those involved expressed having felt a deep impact of this workshop on their lives, and could see God working in their experience.

“I feel like God was showing me that I am ready to start my future and that I was brought here to become more comfortable with that fact,” said one of the participants.

“I think through this workshop experience, God was trying to show me the hope and future of our movement,” said another. “I think God wanted me to see the basis of our church, the Divine Principle, from a deeper perspective and to see this promising community, of which we all have the heart to create a loving world.”

The staff enjoyed themselves as well; Ken and Sangmoo Borneman who prepared all the meals and helped with driving. Jin Soon Stephens—emcee, coordinator, and song leader—was a source of continual bright spirit. The local Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) members were also a great addition and support to the group.

“I read a quote a while back and it read, ‘Rejoice with your brothers and sisters, then you’ll know that I am always there,’” commented one of the workshop participants. “I really feel that that has happened during my experience here.”

Most of the workshop took place at the local church sanctuary. The day before the workshop’s end, participants visited IPEC, took a tour of the building, and received two lectures in a beautiful new classroom. Thomas Hwang gave a presentation on True Parents and the Holy Marriage Blessing, and his wife Kathy shared wonderful testimonies from her experiences with True Parents.

“The point that impacted me the most was learning about Rev. Moon through Rev. Andrew Compton and Mrs. Kathy Hwang,” said a workshop participant. “It made me feel like Rev. Moon should be my role model as well as making me feel like I want to learn more about him. Rev. Moon made a lot of sacrifices for all of us because he really cares about us and loves us. Rev. Moon was an outstanding personality and great heart for everyone.”

Many participants expressed that this workshop made a part of the Divine Principle “click” for them for the first time.

“I think everyone could benefit from a 7-Day Divine Principle workshop,” recommended a participant, “because no matter at what level you are with the Divine Principle, you can always find something new that maybe you haven’t realized before.”

“The sincerity and exciting curriculum along with the Divine Principle content is truly inspiring, nourishing, and rejuvenating,” said another participant.

These workshops are scheduled to continue monthly. Stay tuned for the next one and be sure to sign up!

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