True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV, Weekly Update (August 22, 2015)

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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Global Top Gun Trainees Meet Mother
  2. President Moon Yeon Ah’s Tour in Japan
  3. The 22nd Seeds of Dreams Concert
  4. The 25th Chil Il Jeol & The 19th Chil Pal Jeol Worship Service
  5. Yu Jong Yeong, Kang Jeong Ja Achieved 430 Blessed Couples as Tribal Messiahs
  6. Peace Road 2015 Launching Ceremony in Korea

Global News

  1. Thailand, 77-Province Peace Tour / UPF-Bangladesh, South Asia Peace Seminar
  2. Brazil WFWP Get Together of Families
  3. West Africa CARP, First International 21-Day Seminar
  4. UPF-Vanuatu, Saemaul Movement Conference
  5. Hungary Children’s Summer Camp / Portugal HARP Summer Workshop / French Cheon Seong Gyeong Nears Completion


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