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Peace TV: August 8, 2015


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This week we have:

True Parents News & Korean News

  1. The Third Japanese Top Gun Workshop Completion Ceremony
  2. August 1 Hoondokhae
  3. The First Peace Road Symposium

Global News

  1. Nepal, Three-Day Cheon Il Guk Leadership Training / Thailand, “How to Become Better Parents” Workshop
  2. Albania 15-Day Divine Principle Workshop
  3. USA, Peace Road at the United Nations Gathering
  4. Russia Peace Road 2015: Festival of Peace / Second Generation Holy Ground Pilgrimage in Korea
  5. Netherland UPF “How to Preserve and Develop Co-operation and Peace in Europe”
  6. Nigeria, National Sensitization Seminar on the Blessing in 43 Cities.
  7. Paraguayan Association of Tongil Mudo International Friendship Day Dinner


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