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Peace TV: August 1, 2015

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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Moon Sunjin’s Birthday Celebration Breakfast
  2. Special Holy Marriage Blessing
  3. Symposium for the Unification of Korea & Peace in Northeast Asia
  4. The Third Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation Summer Dream Camp

Global News

  1. Japan, 2015 Universal Married Couple Blessing Ceremony
  2. Cambodia Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony / Philippines, IPLC Gymnasium Inauguration / Thailand, Peace Road 2015 Completed 1000KM
  3. Germany, the 3rd Treasure of Heaven Workshop / Latvia, The 3rd NER International Students Seminar
  4. Soweto, South Africa, YFWP Divine Principle Workshop
  5. USA, Chambumo Gyeong Translation Nears Completion

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