True Mother Shares a Message with Top Gun Participants


Global Top Gun Workshop 2015

Special Gathering of Top Gun Workshop’s Participants with True Mother

on August 19, 2015, at Cheon Jeong Gung


By FFWPU USA: On August 19, True Mother invited Top Gun workshop participants to have lunch with her at the Cheong Jung Gung in Korea. She shared a message with them and encouraged the participants to reflect on their future after the workshop.

Top Gun participants arrived to the Cheon Jeong Gung early that morning and visited True Father’s resting place, where they offered a bow and prayers.

“Actually seeing True Father’s resting place brought me to the reality that he really isn’t here physically,” said Mirandy Kim, one of the Top Gun participants. Participants of the workshop are preparing for the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension) on August 30, and recently visited nine Holy Ground sites throughout Korea which were significant in the history of True Parents’ life and work for God’s providence.

At lunchtime, participants gathered in the Cheong Jung Gung where they were welcomed with a beautiful arrangement of dining tables all across the room. True Mother entered the hall, and was greeted with loud cheer and applause from everyone. “Our intention was to send her energy and comfort,” said Mirandy.

To begin the lunch program, three Top Gun participants offered moving testimonies of their Top Gun experience so far. These included a couple from America, a young man from Korea, and a young lady from Japan.

True Mother had prepared an American-style lunch of pizza, hamburgers and Kona coffee for the group. Everyone ate together with True Mother, and after lunch True Mother took time to speak with the workshop participants.


True Mother described the long history of God’s providence and God’s deep desire to reconnect with His children, and shared about the path to solving the internal and external problems of this world by connecting to True Parents. She said that the providence of restoration has already been completed; however much the world does not know. She told participants to realize how blessed they are for the roots from which they have grown, expressed her hope for the Top Gun participants to learn about Heavenly Parent and True Parents through this workshop, and encouraged them to be able to proclaim confidently the good news about True Parents and God’s heavenly kingdom to the world. She also acknowledged this group as the graduating class of the first global Top Gun workshop in history.

“What struck me the most from True Mother’s message was when she asked if she should expect great things from us,” said Mirandy. “And we all replied with a confident ‘Yes!’. Even though we had a successful workshop so far, I feel she is now anticipating how we will move forward as global Top Gun alumni. We welcome that and want to offer our lives for True Parents and become top cadets wherever we go.”

After True Mother’s message, Top Gun participants offered a series of songs and performances as musical entertainment. Earlier in the workshop, participants were divided into “clans”, and each clan sang, danced or performed on the piano.

Songs matched the theme of True Mother’s message and the spirit of the Top Gun workshop, such as “Amazing Grace,” “Stand By Me,” and “We are the World”. They all concluded with a powerful arrangement of “You Raise Me Up”, after which True Mother immediately joined in the fun by singing, “Sarang Hae.” The hall was full of bright spirit and hope as the group shared these special moments with True Mother.

Stay tuned for an official transcript of True Mother’s message to the Top Gun group, and follow the workshop daily on the Top Gun blog.