Thailand: Special Divine Principle Work Shop


By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn: 143 full time CARP members from every CARP center in Thailand joined 5 days Special Divine Principle Workshop on July 30 – August 3, 2015 at main auditorium of FFWPU Thailand HQ in Bangkok.

This workshop has purpose to bring life changing experience and revive all CARP full time members to understand Divine Principle in the era of coming of heaven that add more understanding about God’s Ideal Family, 8 Family Pledges , Significance of True Love, True Life and True Lineage, 4 Great Realm of Heart, Value of Sexual Organ, Absolute Sexual Ethics, Fall from the viewpoint of losing God’s Ideal Family, Value of Messiah as TP of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Restoration and Establishment of CIG by establishment of Ideal of CIG and Tribal Messiah Movement.

This workshop also help prepare the Core CARP members to prepare themselves to become Blessing Candidates, matching and join Blessing in next Gi Won Jeol 2016.

All participants can gain more insight, deeper understand and feel touched by True Parents’ teaching and Divine Principle. CARP members understand how to apply Principle in their daily life, especially, salvation from True Parents, the value of lineage and Absolute sexual ethics. They felt so grateful and proud to TP who gave us life and such the greatest teaching by let us realize our value as filial child of God and TP, significance of lineage and Absolute Sexual Ethics.

Mr. Moonnoi Niyomchok, Young Second Generation who is full time member of Thailand National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) sharing his life-changing experience with tears in practice DP in daily life, Victory in subjugating Satan & rebirth experience by meeting with God and True Parents.

Members are determined to keep purity, work hard in mission of fundraising, witnessing & expand CARP activities in campus and support blessed families to breakthrough in mission of Tribal Messiah.

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