Sun Jin Nim’s Speech at “2015 Summer Camp”

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The 3rd Universal Seonghwa Memorial of True Father

2015 Summer Camp for Nationwide Seonghwa Students in Korea

Special Address by Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

World Jamboree Center, Korea – August 8, 2015

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Beloved leaders and brothers and sisters from the Family Federation. Faculty, parents, and Seonghwa students!

Good evening. It is my great pleasure to be here for this glorious festival of Seonghwa students. I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you.

I trust you are having a wonderful time? Is that true?

I am happy to hear that.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents, for their amazing true love, care, and grace. We would not be here today without them.

When I reflect on the motto to this festival, “Seonghwa! Be the light of peace and unity,” and as I look around and see so many beautiful blessed families, gathered together as one, I know that our Heavenly Parent, our True Father in heaven and our True Mother here on earth, along with all the FFWPU members around the world, will joyfully and victoriously celebrate and commemorate our beloved True Father’s 3rd Seonghwa Anniversary. On this foundation, our hopes for a bright future, in which all people live together in harmony with complete peace and unity, will be realized.

Just as we lit this campfire, this divine light of our Heavenly Parent lives within each of you. It is an eternal flame that has been lit because of the blessing of your parents.

Blessed Children and Blessed Central Families. Please keep this brilliant fire alive. Let this light and this love grow within you by studying and embodying the Words of our True Parents. Let us also share this magnificent gift of eternal life with all of humankind. By doing this, we can collectively build bridges of heart and light, illuminating the true path of love and unity to a world veiled in darkness. Ignited by your true filial piety, as sons and daughters of True Parents, we will achieve Vision 2020. With absolute faith, love, and obedience we will be victorious! Sung li!

The core of what we need to know in Principle resides in two essential teachings my parents taught me. First of all, cultivate a grateful heart of thankfulness. And, secondly, practice true love, by living for the sake of others.

As I observe the age spectrum of families, from elder to younger, I can see that, these two teachings are the keys to building peace and unity within the family. In each moment of our lives, if we can become aware of all of Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ unconditional love, we can begin to realize that we should offer endless words of complete gratitude. True Love grows and multiplies exponentially within us and with others. By reconnecting with the divine spark within each of us, and taking the time to meditate, reflect, pray, and do hoon dok hwe, and we broaden our awareness of the infinite gifts we receive.

All living beings and all things are manifestations of our Heavenly Parent. True Parents have brought this divine principle to life and they have practiced and perfected this path. That course reveals the way to True Love, True life, and True lineage, and it shows the way to eternal peace and prosperity for humanity. The purest passage to learn about Heavenly Parent’s heart is to love and embrace nature. This earth is our common home. Heavenly Parent’s creation provides us with all the nourishing gifts that sustain life. In return, how can we express our appreciation for these natural wonders and precious resources? By appreciating the smallest gifts, we can realize the abundance of the universe and foster a greater heart of gratitude. In this way we can take care of what cares for all of us, in each and every moment.

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A short hoon dok hwe from Cheon Seong Gyeong:

“Nature is our first mother; we receive everything to support our life and to grow from that mother. In our physical mother’s womb we live in water. On earth we live in air. Then what is the center of our life? It is love. Love is always the issue, whether it’s the love of parents, conjugal love or children’s love. Air is a prerequisite to life. Even in our mother’s womb we have to absorb air; when we move from our mother’s womb to life on earth, we have to breathe air. It is the same air; only the way we receive it is different. For us, the most important element in life is love.”

(CSG book 3 p279 from the speech give on June 20, 1984)

How about if we take a moment to put this hoon dok hwe into practice? Will you do this with me?

What better time than being in this nature, surrounded by all the lush green trees, a magnificent sky, summer breezes, fresh air, and in the presence of our loved ones? Please take this opportunity to lovingly hold the hand of your neighbor or family member and find a comfortable seat?

Wow! 5,000 people united as one! This is like heaven on earth! Do you feel True Parents and Heavenly Parent here with us?

I do!

I can’t imagine a more joyful and loving place to be!

Now please gently close your eyes, holding hands as we go through a simple meditation exercise, by focusing on our breathing. As you breathe in you feel your belly and chest expand. Then exhale, gently releasing that breath. As we breathe in, we fill our bodies with glorious fresh air and love from our Heavenly Parent. As we exhale, we release all thoughts and things that no longer serve us. Breathing in, feel the abundance in nature giving us life, and then exhale joy, love, and gratitude. As we take a deep breath we receive oxygen that sustains our life, and as we exhale carbon dioxide is released. As you inhale, give a big happy thanks to all the trees that provide oxygen, and then exhale the carbon dioxide which is joyfully breathed in by the trees. Breathe in all the abundance nature provides and breathe out sincere gratitude. Breathing at your comfortable natural pace, keeping the eyes relaxed and closed, and recognizing that every time we breathe in and out there is give and take action, harmony, and interconnectedness with all things in nature. As you breathe in and out, practice paying attention to all the miraculous offerings of life our Heavenly Parent has given us; this is the birth of an attitude of gratitude.

Now, let the focus of your awareness turn to your body with the eyes gently closed. Imagine each organ, and think about the amazing respiratory system and circulatory system that carry this oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the body. Think of all the natural rewards we eat, breath, and drink that sustain and nourish our bodies. Every second, our loved ones, and Heavenly Parent are living for the sake of us. We are blessed with abundance and love from every corner of the universe! What a miracle of life we are! Even our own body automatically sustains all our living functions.

Our existence, our breath, the marvel of our lives, go on unnoticed, until today, for this is true conscious awareness.

So on this occasion, praise yourselves for being alive. You are a living wonder. Your unique divine spark lives within you eternally, and notice that the same divine spark lives in every neighbor’s hand that you hold and every living being since the beginning of time.

We are all our Heavenly Parent’s children. Our very lives, the boundless love we receive, our joyful hopes, and our dreams are only possible because of Heavenly Parent’s eternal love. Give gratitude to our Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and your own parents for giving you life, and making life joyful and precious. The beginnings of health, happiness, and wellness are achieved when we realize a balanced life is one where we live with grateful actions and thoughts.

By learning to live in harmony with all living things, with a heart of gratitude we return the glory back to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

You can learn and apply this mindfulness to any situation. Focus on the hands you hold. You are never alone; you are surrounded by loved ones, family, friends, and blessed beings. Feel the earth beneath you. You are always supported by the ground we sit, walk and build upon; we are nourished by the fruits of this blessed earth. Think of every natural living thing. They are all gifts that contribute to love, life, and lineage. In return, we should use our energy and our life to do good things that serve others and the planet. This is the principle of karma, of give and take action; it is our responsibility which we should cultivate and strengthen.

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Therefore, with a heart of gratitude, let us give thanks and love to all living things and beings, for this is the key to harmony, unity, and peace with all.

Heavenly Parent has worked since the beginning of time with absolute, unchanging, eternal True Love. However, since the time of the fall, Heavenly Parent has worked to restore a world painfully divided. Only True Parents completed and paved the path to reunite and bring balance to all humanity. Through inheriting the Word and by fostering gratitude and True love we are able to return to a state of Oneness of mind, body and soul with Heavenly Parents.

As we grow to realize that we are all one global family, we should enrich ourselves with the truth and share, nurture, broaden and build greater gifts for the world. We are all interconnected. We share this earth, and we should strive for harmony and True Love with every living being in each precious moment. There is no isolated you or me. Every singular entity is linked together, with every other singular entity. We are all One, under our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

In this short meditation and hoon dok reading, I hope you have experienced the awareness that you are the most precious gift of peace; you are love, and you are Heavenly Parent’s true joy. Please live each moment with gratitude, appreciating and loving yourselves and everyone around you. Please bring your hands together in prayer at the heart center. We say “Namaste”, meaning I bow to the divine spark, Heavenly Parent’s eternal light, living in you!

Now, gently open your eyes. Do you feel lightness, abundance, a peace, and calmness in your body and being? When we are one with Heavenly Parent, we are at peace and unity with all living and eternal beings. Can we offer a heartfelt cheer of gratitude and love to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents? Salanghamnida, kamsahamnida, Aju!

Now for the next level of awareness, please turn to the persons near you and share a big loving hug. This stimulates the eternal light of the culture of heart that lives and breathes through each and every one of you! Now please say salanghamnida, kamsahamnida to your neighbors! This is heaven! It feels so good, and brings smiles of joy to our faces to appreciate, love and hug our family, friends, and neighbors. Please practice this everyday! I know Heavenly Parent and True Parent are also smiling with us!

I hope you will take to heart and apply what you have learned today. I truly believe that as we share this vision of Oneness and as we work together as one family under Heavenly Parent, we will transform ourselves and the world, and leave a greater legacy of peace, love, and prosperity to our future generations. Aju! Sungli!

Please have a most joyful night and always, with deep gratitude and love, enjoy this amazing concert and festival!

From the bottom of my heart Kamsahamnida, salanghamnida! Namaste!

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