Solomon Island: 21-Day Workshop

FFWPU Solomon Island: From   July 6 to 27, 2015  we held 21-day workshop for members in Solomon Island. This was a 21-Day Center Life Experience and Education Program which is a program which allows the participants to experience the Formula Course activities and understands True Parents and Heavenly Parents providence. Four participants from the last 7-Day workshop which we held from June 28 to July 5 2015, have dicided to attend in this 21 Days CLEEP. The program started with a one week internal guidance and True Parents Life course lectures by Rev. Christopher Bokabule, president of FFWPU Solomon Islandf.

The second and third week were more focused on the formula course activities of 2 days of Fundraising and 3 days of Witnessing. On Saturdays a One Day Leadership Development Workshop was held.

The 21-day CLEEP participants expressed in their heart how the formula course activities have make a change in their lives for this 21 days. They all said that now they are able to communicate freely with people.

Spiritual they are growing in their Life of Faith and will participate in frontline providential activities. They also are looking forward for the Blessing from the True Parent.