Russia: The summer program in the Kola Peninsula


By FFWPU Northeast: From 2nd to 27th of July in Russia a summer program was held. Its main objectives were to study the Divine Principle, training of skills for internal growth, teamwork and practical service to the society. Young people from different parts of Russia and abroad came together to participate in the program. 6 participants, 10 altogether with staff went through this program together.

During the program, participants: studied the Unification Principle in the theory and learn to look at everyday life through the prism of spiritual laws; got acquainted with the life of founders of the Unification Movement; gained practical skills of organizing and conducting service project for society.

The program included several stages. From 3rd to 9th of July, a seminar on the Divine Principle in St. Petersburg was held. Especially after the lectures about True Parents’ course, atmosphere of workshop was bubbling and active, listeners raised many questions in front of lecturers. There has been a genuine interest in the life and activity of the True Parents and True Children. At the end of the DP workshop river rafting was held in the Leningrad region. Then next stage from 10th to 16th of July, was to raise funds for

the benefit of the charity project. Young people learned to build a personal relationship with God, to work in teams, to present the project to the public.

From 17th to 27th of July program went to the Kola Peninsula. There was an environmental service project. Participants got acquainted with the beautiful nature of the North. They built an ecological trail in the State Integrated Nature Reserve “Seydyavr.” It linked the southern and eastern shores of “Lake of mountain spirits” what name of the lake “Seydyavr” means in the traditional language of local people. Just in a

few days volunteers built a kilometer causeway through the swamp. The daily usual – wake up at 8:00, then exercises and breakfast cooked right there at the stake. Then everybody together went to work. Neither horde of mosquitoes nor cold wet weather became an obstacle for the volunteers. At the end of the project participants passed a serious test of 18 km hiking through the mountain passing Geologov, which was completed in 8 hours. Everybody successfully passed all stages of the program and became one unified team – a real family.

After the end of the program one person decided to take part in one year training program of our Movement and 2 people joined 21 day Divine Principle workshop.

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