Romania: 15 Days Divine Principle Summer Workshop

FFWPU Romania: WE held the summer 15-day Divine Principle workshop with 1st and 2nd generation members on July 14-30, 2015 in Sohodol-Bran, Brasov, Romania.

This year, young people joined the workshop from all over the world, almost unexpectedly. For 1st gens it is a joy and blessing to see active 2nd gens, and for 2nd gens it is a surprise and curiosity to see active 1st gens. They could work together in teams to better understand the value of the faith life and True Parents through the eyes of one another.

Our 1st generation could more feel the beauty, purity and simplicity of 2nd generation in relationship to the Principle and Heavenly Parents, whereas the 2nd generation could witness efforts, struggles, determination and commitment of 1st gens` faith life to follow the Heavenly Parents & True Parents.

Having practiced ManMulBokKi (FR), JeonDo (WT) and living for the sake of others prior to the workshop was and essential step in relating to each other as brother and sisters with True Parents in the center. They could more easily connect to each other’s Shimjung (Heart) and grasp a deeper meaning of the Principle. Thus, the workshop atmosphere was very harmonious and united. It is amazing how people can bond together as a family even if they meet for the very first time, coming from different continents! We can only but feel incredible gratitude and joy to True Parents for opening the way where this can come true.

The success of the workshop was aided by the staff, Blessed Families, which have trained to organize and manage such workshops for several years in a row. Under the guidance and leadership of our National Leader, Jeong Bong Moon, they could really unite to support the participants. Mr. Jeong was the main lecturer and for workshop in a row he poured his energy and sweat to convey the Word based on the Original Divine Principle lectures. After each lecture of about 30- 40 minutes, the participants were paired in teams of two, and for ten minutes each of them had to take the role of lecturer in front of their partner in order to summarize the content. This way of studying proved to be really good and it has improved significantly the quality of the workshop. In the past, much of the message got lost as participants we fighting to stay focused, to stay awake, etc. But now, everything is more alive as they engage actively with the content, by listening shortly and preparing at the same time to explain it for others.

The lecture of True Father`s life taught as great example to follow the way of restoration for all of us. The life of faith lecture focused on the practice of faith in our daily life. Please follow through the pictures and reflections to get a better understanding of the workshop atmosphere and impact. Thank you Champumonim (TP) for all the love we’ve received during these 15 days! We love you!


David(20): “This 15 days has been an amazing opportunity for me to awaken myself, physically and spiritually. The most I enjoyed were the first 5 days because the lectures were structured in a way that allowed us to give lectures to one another. Because of this, I felt that everybody had a level of sincerity higher than before and it was easy for my brothers and sisters to be more open and say what they understood.”


Romina (22): “Thank you dear Romania. This 15 days workshop has awakened my spirit and helped me find new determination for my life. […]

The lectures were powerful and short so after each lecture we discussed in pairs for twenty minutes about the topic. And it was really nice, because I really very practically understood more. […] It was a very good method the way it was organized so it can help young people to improve their understanding on the DP, especially make them curious more, so then they search for their answers on their own. […]

And mountaineering was the most special day, walking for 9 hours, climbing up and coming down. I felt really connecting, than I have ever felt before, to the suffering of the Central Figures of the Providence. And holding sister’s hand, denying myself, I asked in my heart: who held Father’s hand? And really, when you go up in the position, it is tiring, and if you do not go gosaeng (hardship) with gratitude, then you will never reach the top. And when you go down, then you need the right heart to not slip and fall down. This heart is the heart of humility. “


Alex (19): “My internal goal for this workshop was: To build a stronger connection with God and discover how to live practically a meaningful life, live for the sake of others.

Action Plan: Focus at the lectures, understand with the Heart, not only with my mind, pray, meditate, reflect, try to don’t be just a thinker but put also in practice.

[…] third day of workshop I had some realization like the Spiritual World is more substantial than Physical World, also that then it doesn’t matter if we are really amazing and we practice True Love, we really serve God and the others, because if we will stay alone like a Samurai, let’s say, whole life, we don’t marry, we don’t make a family, we cannot have a Divine Spirit. I understand why we need Spiritual Life and that is because only was to escape Satan’s Dominion.”


Nicole(22): The 15 days workshop was a great decision to come!!

Many times I was thinking how I want to end my 3 years of STF and I thought the workshop in Romania would be a good ending, to conclude everything smoothly and to have the possibility to prepare for going home.

And really I can say that internally I could clear up many things, I could understand and go deeper with the teachings about True Parents, especially I like the movies we watched about them.[…]

I really liked the Action Tasks, because it truly brings up the fallen nature in people sometimes and then to still unite with each other is very beautiful.[…]

Finally at the SungHwa ceremony, I could see their true hearts, such that made me cry. Also realizing I am not ready to die, I have to still accomplish something in my life. Some contribution for the “Unification of Heaven and Earth” to come faster and more efficient. I still need to grow my heart more. […]

One action task hit me quite a lot, which was to climb together the mountain, it was a great chance for me to connect to my Spiritual Energy, because I wanted to offer a one day fast during the mountaineering! In order to find the strong will and determination, then together with God I can overcome everything, also to support my spiritual son, my brother (Laurentiu), to find a more clear determination for his life and to truly connect to God and True Parents.”


Laurentiu (24): “Internal goal: Find my true self, Free my mind and my heart.

This workshop I was also thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life and I could find many answers in the lectures and movies. I can teach young people about absolute values or I can create software program to teach people how they can apply the principle in their lives or I can do a master degree to go deeper in computer science or Unification Thought or…..

When I see people that are realizing many good things for the world and that they sacrifice their whole life for a good purpose, I get really excited and I want to be like them but when I try to put myself in their situation I feel that I am really little and unable to sacrifice myself that much. So many times in this workshop I felt that absolutely I want to do something for people but my things are holding me back.

I also thought a lot about family and family values and the ideal is quite exciting but also really scary. […]

This workshop I also learned how precious is to think about ways to support other people and also to do actions for them and a good example for me is the nature.

I also found my limitations like laziness, envy, lack of love or selfishness. Some of them I could overcome but the others I still have to fight with them.”


Ja Hyun(20): “It was truly a blessing to be here in Romania for this workshop. I definitely felt that God had a plan and intended for me to be here. First of all it was amazing that I could attend the workshop with Florin (Spiritual Son). […] I don’t know when I would have such an opportunity to explore the Principle together with my object partner, so this workshop was unique, beautiful, heart-moving experience for me. […]

For the DP speech in particular, I felt I was going through mini hell. I was so stressed about what to say, how to execute it, how to inspire the others and how to properly share God’s heart about the Human Fall. I would have negative thinking but then remind myself repeatedly that I can do it.

Anyway, leading up to my speech, I was praying desperately and deeply for God to come into my body and speak through me. When I did this for previous testimonies I gave during STF, it was very good, and I feel very connected with God. This time, the effect was particularly powerful. I was still so nervous and anxious I’d forget what to say, but as I began speaking, I felt the Holy Spirit overtake me. When I was explaining that Satan became owner, tears just came naturally; I was taken by surprise and not prepared for this sudden rush of emotion and sorrowful heart of God. These tears were not my own but were God’s. These words and emotions are that of God.

Even though I don’t felt so passionate or strong about Human Fall, I could suddenly understand how God feels, just from the Word. Somehow the simple words on my visual, really touched my heart. In this way, I could be God’s object partner, his Temple, at least for the short time I could deliver his message. I always surprises and humbles me that God can work through even me.”


Ari Jeong(15):“This was my second time participating the 15 day DP workshop. I was expecting it will be the same as last year but it was quite different. I could understand better DP and for the first time I could teach someone what I understood from the lecture. Somehow I was motivated to stay awake during the lecture and try to take as many notes as possible…After the first WS, I thought that I knew a lot of DP but I did not know even the basic things. so in this WS, I had tried to learn DP more sincerely and now I more understood DP now. And one more things that was wrong at me is that I always think that I have enough time to change myself because I am young. I still have to reflect about this and try to motivated ,myself to think opposite. Now is the time to change my attitude. I don1t have time enough.”

Compared to the last workshop I think I gained something because I accepted that I had to stay there and if I would stay there why not try to get used to it just thinking about how can I grow myself not how others are ignorant…

I was ignorant too last year but I don’t regret it because I think that the process of growing myself need to have moments when you go down to know how to go up without going down again. So I really enjoyed staying and learning from good people good things that I must do in my life


Arin Jeong(17): During this summer workshop I had many questions about life and most of them were answered by my process of thinking that took place because I stayed in good atmosphere and also because I ACCEPTED that I had to do the workshop even though it wasn’t a pleasure for me. In this 15 days I really felt good because I think I started to make changes in my way of living before going there. For example: waking up early; arrange my clothes; eat good food; washing myself more often and also to read

I finally realized that I wasn’t living correctly. I thought that if I will live my life like that I will be happy like before when I was a kid but growing I started to change …..

I don’t even know what but something really changed. But it is okay because I accepted to be in this situation where I am really unhappy

Before workshop I was not very grateful but somehow now I try to be grateful so it is a progress. I also realized that the most important thing is now, inside, and accept.


Gabriela(20): “Internal Goal: Be Happy for God. Through this workshop I felt I was able to receive many answers from God. I was uncertain, doubtful and undecided as I am in general, and during this workshop I sometimes felt that only my bad parts come out. […]

I found in my heart what was hidden for so long: understanding and determination. […]

Surely I got to know God and myself more in this workshop. Now I know where I need to improve and what my limit is. When I had to face so many people I think something inside of me rebelled, and each day I was fighting to stop my increasing selfishness. This I believe was the hardest part. Coping with myself. […]

The whole workshop experience was worth it and certainly I had many things to learn but most important is that now I know what God wants from me and what I have to work on. I am ready for whatever God had prepared for me because I trust it will be the best for me.”


Yvonne(20): “My goal for this workshop was to be a beautiful daughter of God. I felt this workshop was a great opportunity to dig deeper in my understanding of the DP. It really gave me the chance to see and grow my heartistic connection with the DP. I think how it was able to do this was that the lectures were short and concise and after we discussed in pairs. For me, this was a great strategy as if I didn’t understand something in the lecture I could ask my partner or my partner explained something I didn’t realize when I was listening to the lecture.[…] Definitely I love that we got the slides as then it was easier to concentrate on just what the lecturer was saying rather than always worrying about copying notes from the presentation. But it would be easier if we had the excel slides that the lecturer was using as then it’s easier to follow. In previous DP workshops that I participated in we never got the slides and I fell I might of missed a lot the lecturer was saying as I was trying to write notes from the slides. I think this workshop gave the perfect environment to realize a lot more about myself and the DP. I am so glad that I was encouraged to pray and reflect about the lectures and HDH enabled me to go deeper.

I feel through this workshop I could understand more about my relationship with God. The action tasks were planned well and made you dig deeper into yourself. I especially found the blind faith exercise very fun but useful. It showed me that even when my “God” Isaac was trying to direct I still thought I was right. I realized I do this a lot with God. I know what God is telling me but I ignore it because I am too stubborn to accept the advice. I know that only if I absolutely trust what God is telling me and deny myself can I actually reach my goal. I have to trust God no matter what my mind is telling me to do.”


George(20): “[…] I understood that our purpose, God’s purpose, is more than to have a good life, good job, and good wife even. Nobody can do what you have to do in God’s providence, but in society it’s different. The world can go on if you don’t become a doctor, business-man, musician, anybody take your place. But for God, nobody can take your place. […]

I needed this workshop for my life. I needed to start again with new determination for next period.

Also now I have more strong desire to follow God. […]

I am determined to do HDH with sincere heart from now and to reflect more, to read more book, to do 7 day fasting and to comfort my parents heart.”

Thank you so much!