Peace Road 2015 in Cambodia

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FFWPU Cambodia: On June 14, 2015, there was the Peace Road 2015 Launching Ceremony in Khemera Battambang I Hotel, Battambang Province preceded by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chair of UPF-Asia and all National Leaders and UPF leaders of Asia with 200 young people.

On August 15, 2015, we hold the event with 50 students and youth including one of the officers of the International Affairs Department of the National Assembly. They gather at 5:30 am in front of the Royal Palace of Cambodia to shout for the Peace Road 2015 led by Mr. Chamroeun Sophal, President of FFWPU-Cambodia for the hope of the Re-unification of the Korean Peninsula through the Peace Road in Cambodia. This event was an idea by Mr. Sok Seng Yan, President of UPF-Cambodia to connect our event in Battambang Province to the Peace Road in Thailand.

After that, they marched to the Independent Monument that signifies for peace. Independent Monument is the symbol to get liberation from the 90-year French protectorate of Cambodia from 1863 to 1953.

From the Independent Monument we marched along the riverside to CamKo City. CamKo City is Cambodia-Korea City, connecting the world through peace, Peace Road 2015 in Cambodia ended in CamKo City to show the relationship between Cambodia and Korea.

And especially the Peace Road 2015 in Cambodia is the symbol to congratulate for the 70th year anniversary of Korean liberation from the war.

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