Peace Road 2015 in Jamaica

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FFWPU Jamaica: We applied to the authorities for permission to hold an August 15th event. Two weeks after we applied, in the evening of August 13, finally, they granted our application. On such short notice, we had many people to invite but we thought it was best not to postpone.

We held the event on August 15 in Kingston. We had a peace walk beginning from Independence Park in front of our National Stadium, where the statues of some our famous athletes are located. We also gathered by the statue of Jamaican musical icon Bob Marley before beginning our journey to National Heroes Park, where there are monuments to and burial sites of our former heads of state.

Our walk was greatly assisted by the friendly and supportive escort from the Police Department.

On the journey we stopped at the Park of World Heroes to pay tribute to Mr. Mahatma Ghandi, whose bust is located there. A bust of Dr. Marin Luther King Junior will also be added.

Among the participants, we had UPF Ambassadors for Peace, Family Federation members, the General Secretary of the Jamaica Council for Interfaith Fellowship, Rev. Dr. Martin Schade; Mr. Horace Matthews JP, Deacon Michael Greenland of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and members of The United Negro Improvement Association, which was founded by Jamaica’s first national hero, Hon. Marcus Garvey.

This Walk for Peace was very emotional. The participants felt that it was truly significant for them to be part of this Global Event being staged from Cape Town, South Africa, to Santiago, Chile. They were truly united with and supportive of the vision of Rev. Sun Myung Moon to unite mankind as one family under God and bring world peace among nations, races and religions by connecting them through an international highway.

The mood of the event was jubilant and festive. There were shouts from participants: “We walk for peace!” From their hearts, people sang with conviction: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.

The event terminated at Heroes Park with people sharing testimonies about the potential for the Peace Road project to positively impact individuals and communities. We expect to hold it every year.

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