Peace Road Russia Connect to Korea through East Sea

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FFWPU Korea: On May 30, the Peace Road riders departed simultaneously from Cape of Good Hope in the Republic of South Africa on the African continent; the US city of Las Vegas on the North American continent; and Santiago, Chile, on the South American continent.

The tour has continued for two months, and the Peace Road flag traveled all the way from Africa to Europe to Russia and finally arrived by ferry from Russia to the Port of Donghae, Korea, carried by the Russian Peace Road team. Dr. Byung-Ho Son, the President of UPF Korea, Ms. Haesuk Kim, the Chairwoman of the Donghae City Council and 200 citizens kindly welcomed the Peace Road team from Russia. Dr. Son gave a welcoming speech, stating, “Peace Road is overcoming blocks between countries and bringing world peace and the reunification of South Korea and North Korea.”

Ms. Kim also gave a congratulatory message, saying, “I hope this event will be the base of world peace and play a catalytic role in the relations between South Korea and North Korea.”

Then a representative of Russian Peace Road team said in his speech, “Russians drove 12 thousand km, all along the Russia and arrived here in Korea. Thank you for your worm welcoming. We will drive until this Peace Road Tour in Korea ends successfully.”

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