Peace Road 2015 in the Northeast Region

By FFWPU Northeast: (In Russia) As a part of the Peace Road project, the motorcar rally from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok was launched in St. Petersburg on July 23. Three brave men – pilots of the Honda car – started to travel across the country with the purpose to promote True Parents idea of the International Peace Highway, connect Russia to this global initiative as well as reveal the beauty and hospitality of Russia where about 200 nationalities live together.

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Start, July 23, St. Petersburg: A round table on “Russia the Hospitable; The road towards peace” opened the project. Among the participants of the round table were the Secretary General of the Association of National and non-Olympic sports of Russia, Petr Kazansky; Ambassador for Peace, World Cup winner in the two-day race in the age group 60 +, organizer of a numbers of marathons, including world- level marathons, Gennady Valugin. The round table guests and participants wished good luck to the pilots.

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July 24, Moscow: The main car of the Peace Road project in Russia arrived in Moscow at 5:00 a.m. Seven cars followed it. The football tournament “Play Football – Make Peace” started at 8:00 a.m. near the Peace Embassy. The Peace Road car pilots’ team won the first place among 4 teams. At 4:30 p.m. the bicycle tour started in the beautiful park near the Moscow Peace Embassy. At 6:30 p.m., a press conference explaining the meaning of the Peace Road took place.

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July 25, Ryazan: At the entrance to Ryazan bikers welcomed convoy from Moscow. Participants of the rally attended a tour of the Ryazan Kremlin. The head of the studio “Russian ball” Valentina Silvestrova handed gifts to motorists: folk style rag dolls dressed in traditional costumes, and paper flowers made by children from “Our Children” Foundation for the nationwide panel, which will be posted in the final point of the Russian stage – Vladivostok. The main gift for the guests was dances. Dancers from studio “Russian Ball” and school dances “Provincial Ball” produced a bright, interesting and varied program.

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July 26, Nizhny Novgorod: In Nizhny Novgorod, the rally was met in a park near the monument to Minin. The delegation visited the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Cycling rally with local participators was held as a part of the program of activities, Cyclists gathered on the waterfront signed a banner in support of the “Peace Road”.

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July 27, Zvenigovo: Small town Zvenigovo, Republic of Mari El, located on the Volga River between Cheboksary and Kazan, hospitably met the crew of “Peace Road” near the building of Zvenigovsky library. By Mari El good-natured traditions guests were welcomed with delicious pancakes with local honey. The Head of Administration and District Head of Education gave welcoming address. Folk groups performed songs and dances in costumes of Mari El. Afterwards began the bike ride with the participation of adults and schoolchildren by historical places of the city with stops and excursions.

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July 27- 28, Kazan: The guests were welcomed in the capital of Tatarstan with “chak-chak”, the national food, in the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. A skullcap was presented to each rally man. In response travelers presented to hosts T-shirts. After visiting the exhibition of museum of cycling participants with dozens of cyclists from various sports clubs in the city took part in the marathon to the “Temple of all religions”.

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July 29, Ulyanovsk: A free guided tour was held in the museum for the participants of the “Peace Road” in Ulyanovsk. Then there was a meeting in the literary cafe. There was a relaxed atmosphere and good conversation with questions and answers.

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July 30, Ufa: Warmth and smiles greeted the participants of the rally “Peace Road” in Ufa! Local activists drove the cars with the participants of the rally from Park Pobedy to the monument to Salavat Yulaev – the main avenue of Ufa. Local TV station made the reportage on “Peace Road” project.

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July 31, Yekaterinburg: At 11 am on July 31 the crew of the “Peace Road” crossed the symbolic boundary between Europe and Asia. They were met by friends with performance action. With sounding the Russian national anthem children treated motorists to pie. The team then traveled through the city with flags of the “Peace Road” to register for the first marathon “Europe-Asia”. On August 1, participants ran a distance of 4.2 kilometers.

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(In Ukraine) : Universal Peace Federation in Ukraine started its Peace Road project on July 25 and will end on August 4. Launching events took place in Dnepropetrovsk city and Kiev city. 21 main participants will cover 1083 km of distance. Covering Peace Road distance participants will jog, ride bus, and car.

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(In Belarus) : Universal Peace Federation in Belarus in partnership with “Association of Korean residents in Belarus” and International NGO “Cultural Exchange” organized the event “Peace Road 2015: toward a World of Peace!” in Minsk, capital city of Belarus, on July 18.

In the morning cyclists and supporters gathered at the stunning site near Komsomolskoe lake close to Korean Embassy to start the Peace Road event. Representative of Universal Peace Federation in Belarus Vitaly Maksimov welcomed the participants and shared about vision of Dr. Moon, that first proposed the Peace Road at 1981. The main event was 53 km trek from Korean Embassy in Minsk ending at the Unificationists’ educational center in country side Korolevo.

The closing session included the presentation about Universal Peace Federation activities and Peace Road Highway project, followed by the performance with Korean and Belarusian dances and songs.

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(In Latvia) : FFWPU Latvia initiated the Baltic Peace Road 2015 event that was held on July 25 in Riga. It was a 5 kilometer march from FFWPU of Latvia Head Quarters to the National Park, to our Holy Ground. Twenty five participants in the march represented different countries. Students and young guests also took part in preparing this project.

At the opening ceremony, UPF-Latvia President, Dr. Makoto Ando greeted the participants and explained the main points of the project. March went along the main street in the center of Riga. During the action participators passed the government buildings, the Monument of Freedom, and the City Council building. Some people were happy to join the march on the way.


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