Peace Road 2015 in Mongolia

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FFWPU Mongolia: On August 6 and 11, Mongolia held the Peace Road in two different places. On August 6, at Lake Baikal, Russia, 20 participants went 7 km by car. On August 11, at Terelj Resort, Ulaanbaatar in order to highlight features of Mongolia life, they offered their peace march on horseback, which requires and demonstrates human unity of mind and body and unity between human beings and nature. Externally, it projects a grand vision of peace.

21 horses with peace road flags, t-shirts, caps, and badges launched a slow march and on the way sometimes fast ran, and the march went 7km altogether.

Four Ambassadors for Peace Sh. Batbayar, Former Minister of Social Welfare, Former Member of Parliament, N.Sodnomdorj, Science Doctor, Former Member of Parliament; I.Battsetseg, Enginner, Ministery of Nature, B.Dashzeveg, International Journalist participated. They closely worked with Unificationists in memory of Rev.Moon. They were also motivated to make a difference in realizing unity between North Korea and South Korea. Mongolia may play the role of a bridge because she has good relations both North Koreans and South Koreans. Sh. Batbayar, an Ambassador for Peace, emphasized Mongolia’s role of promoting Korean reunification in his congratulatory remarks.

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