Peace Road 2015 in Mauritius

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FFWPU Mauritius: We are very grateful that Mauritius can join together with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in this Peace Road 2015 event. We did our Peace Road 2015- Connecting the World through PEACE, on the 23rd of August at a village in Residence Kennedy in a town of Quatre Bornes at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

The Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Arline Koenig and one of the Councilor, Mrs. Dansant, participated in the event along with 35 people including children. Our WFWP vice-president, Mrs. Sheila were also present. The policemen were there to give us security and support that all went well.

Mrs. Arline gave an opening speech about the important of peace as most important in one’s life. Without peace in the home, neighbors and nation, there will be violence and problems. She mentioned that we all should have Respect, Tolerance, Peace and Love .That we should practice it in our daily actions, home, and school and where we are. She then declare the Peace Road opened and thanking all those present for their participations.

We started the walk from the gate of the Chappelle St. Luc to the Children’s playground which took about an hour, singing songs of peace in French and English and chanting out loud that we want peace in our family, school, nation. Many residence came out of their homes to cheer us on and some even join us along the way. Refreshments were served at the playground, prepared by some of the mothers there.

We will be having a final Peace Road 2015 in another village in Bamboos on the 30th August at 9.30am on a Sunday morning. Victory to Heavenly Parents, True Parents, True Mother and our worldwide movements in the Peace Road 2015.

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