Peace Road 2015 in Marshall Islands

 FFWPU Marshall Islands: On August 4th in Majuro City, the Marshall Islands held the Peace Road event with sixty youth and ten VIPs. They held the Peace Road in two different events. One was the Youth Volleyball Peace Road Cup Tournament and the other was a conference about the Peace Road Project with UPF Ambassadors for Peace and other VIPs. At the opening, our FFWPU National President explained the meaning of the Peace Road. The Youth Volleyball Tournament was then held at the volleyball court near Majuro Airport. The National Police Deputy Commissioner joined as a VIP for the volleyball event.

Our UPF Peace Road Conference was held at Marshall Islands Resort Conference Room. First Rev. K. Ito introduced the meaning of the Peace Road Project and than Hon. Kessai Note, the Former President, gave an address about his view of the Peace Road Project and the International Highway Project. He said “the purpose of Peace Road must be at first establishing good human relationships.”

For the conference, Hon. Note, Rev. Ito, Hon. Senator Jiba Kabua, Mr. J.Tulley, Hon. Eldon Note, senatorial candidate and former Ambassador to the UN. Hon. A.Capelle attended.

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