Peace Road 2015 in Kodiak, USA

FFWPU USA, July 29: On a bright and sunny afternoon on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, Peace Road activities were held with over 100 participants.

The day’s activities started at the historic North Garden building, where True Father and Mother stayed at during their many visits to beautiful Kodiak. The crowd consisted of local church members, participants of the Ocean Challenge Program, and members of the Kodiak community, including President of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Group.

Dr. Balcomb gave a message about the meaning and vision of the Peace Road, and about 30 bikers were cheered on as they biked to the downtown area. Once there, the bikers were met by the mayor of Kodiak and were congratulated for their participation in the Peace Road event.

After the biking event, all the participants as well as additional members of several local churches met in the beautiful property of Chiniak for a huge celebration. There was a volleyball tournament, frisbee games, a barbecue dinner, bonfire, and an open mic.

At the end of the night, floating lanterns were released, with the rare blue moon shining in the background, with all of our hopes and wishes written on them. Families and friends, Kodiak residents, and visitors from all over the world joined together with a common goal for peace and shared a truly warm and unforgettable experience together.



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