Peace Road 2015 in Japan (Fukushima)

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FFWPU Japan: Fukushima Prefecture received the Peace Road flag from Miyaki District and continued their 58 km ride on August 2, from Soma city to Iyaki city in-five sections with 11 participants.

At 6:53 two of the cyclists departed from Futaba District to Hirono town. This town was restricted because of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. However, recently some sections were open for cars; they could pass through by car with their bikes in the trunk. They continued their ride from Hirono town to Iwaki city and successfully ended the tour.

At 10:30 a.m. at Atami flex, with 300 supporters they held an event under the theme, “Leap and revival in Fukushima.” The event began with a song from the chorus team. Then they watched the Peace Road introduction video, and greeted the VIPs. The event continued with a speech by standing advisor FPU Hukushima with the theme “The way of realizing peace”

In the end, some cyclists shared their impressions. One of the cyclist said, “Peace Road is a great event with all different racers from 120 nations participating. I want to encourage to the cyclist who will ride for peace in this hot weather. “I was impressed to hear their impressions of those who ride.”

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