Peace Road 2015 in Germany

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FFWPU Germany: From August 1 to 3, Germany held the Peace Road. Germany was separated for almost 40 years into West and East. Berlin, situated in the middle of the former German Democratic Republic, was also divided into West Berlin and East Berlin, with a wall (in some places it was only a barbed-wire fence) running 160 km around West Berlin.

The Family Federation and UPF Germany deemed it most meaningful for Peace Road 2015, to take a bicycle trip along the former border between the two German states before unification at the end of 1989. For this purpose, Germany scheduled their Peace Road for three days and had three teams.

On the first day, August 1, the Peace Road team went from Hof to Hirschberg. The next day, August 2, the next team arrived at a village called Schlege. They moved from West Schlegel to East Schlegel and then to Altvater tower. On the last day August 3, the final team moved from Klein Tettau back to Kronach. The mayor of Kronach sent a congratulatory message by phone to all participants on having accomplished such a meaningful bicycle trip along the former German-German border.

For the details, one team of 17 cyclists went from the southern city of Hof near the Czech Republic border north to Kronach. This team travelled along the “iron curtain – south route”, which is very hilly with lots of ups and downs. A second team came from the northern city of Bleckede and travelled south to Grafhorst, more than 210 km in three days. Their route is called the “iron curtain – north route”. The third team travelled in a day-trip along the former wall separating West- and East Berlin.

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