Peace Road 2015 in Austria

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FFWPU Austria: When we were asked to organize the Peace Road in Austria, we reflected about what our country can bring to the Road. In the tiny Austrian portion of this symbolic road that would traverse across the nations around the whole world, we wanted to make our own contribution. Last May, we had the overwhelming Blessing of receiving True Parents in our country.

Austria is such a small country in the middle of Europe, and yet True Mother, to the great surprise of many of us, decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European movement here. Our heart was filled with the gratefulness for the Love we received from True Parents, and a desire to honor Their legacy. We therefore decided to choose the motto “Future Leaders march for world Peace”. Indeed, one main preoccupation of True Father throughout his lifetime, have been raising true leaders that could tackle issues of our society.

We can also see True Mother’s concern for the youth through the Crane Club she inaugurated. With the hope that the youth of Austria can once bloom into great leaders, bathing in the warm Love received from the True Parents, we gave in this occasion a special focus on the youth of the country by allowing HARP Austria to take ownership of the Walk of Peace. The walk has been organized in Gaflenz, where more than 40 Harpies as well as 1st Generation members marched for 10 km to the top of a mountain neighboring the village.

Father’s Autobiography has been read during the hike, for attendants to keep in mind His life of devotion for God and World Peace. The location of the Walk had also a special meaning. In the early days of our movement, Gaflenz used to be an active center where Divine Principle was taught frequently to new coming members. Recently, the center was on the verge of being lost due to financial issues.

However, with God’s guidance and blessing, the situation has been stabilized, and Gaflenz maintained. As a symbol of the ideal that has been passed down from 1st to 2nd Generation members, Gaflenz has become the new home for STF and is reopened for holding lectures, as well as the Walk of Peace where old and young members could march together to commemorate True Father’s legacy.

The Austrian portion of the Road of Peace has been walked by the youth of the country, who could reconnect to the roots of our movement, and to the values conveyed by True Father. True Peace starts within every person. And we hope that the contribution of the youth to this International Walk for Peace, will later help them walk through the more challenging road of life, where they could bring their own contribution to society as True Leaders.

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