Peace Road 2015 in Angola

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FFWPU Angola, Kinambuta Sambu Pedro: The Peace Road in Angola took place on August 22, 2015 in Luanda city the capital of Angola with 210 participants. Actually the preparation of that providential activity started some months ago however, it was necessary to request the authorization from the government because honestly speaking during period in Angola, it is not at all easier to be authorized by the government to do any kind of public activity which involve a number of people due to some civil society recent actions against the government. Fortunately our Heavenly Father and True Parents help in this process, finally we received the authorization from the Angola government.


The Preparation of the Peace Road Activity

Due to several actions from some civil society against the government, it was very necessary to use a strategy in order to receive the authorization from the Angola government and show that we are just an educational and peace organization with the purpose of helping the country, educating people. That’s why we added some public conferences during the preparation of the Peace Road activity.


The Youth Federation for World Peace and the public conference

On August 21, from 10am to 2 o’clock pm, the Youth Federation for World Peace organized the conference inside of the family federation headquarters hall guided by the Professor Gilberto Joao Evangelista, the director of education of the FFWPU- Angola with the central them: the sexual ethic and the youth responsibility.

In the end of that educational activity, some young people were nominate as ambassadors for peace and the special responsibility was given to them in this occasion. the peace conference. as our central Peace Road theme was: the fundamental key for the peace and living to search others

The Family Federation for World Peace organized the conference into the government hall named the Union of Angolan Writers. Led by the national leader Rev. Kinambuta Sambu Pedro, around 40 people attended, from religious, political, media and civil society areas. Rev. Pedro explained about Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, s vision of peace, his international road project, his general work and the Peace Road. Also we could distribute some true father, s biography books to several people from several areas that conference had started on the same day, August 21, from 3 pm to around 6 o’clock pm.


The Peace Road Activity in Angola

Finally, on Saturday 22, from 10 h 30 minutes, we had start our Peace Road in the place named the Carrefour of schools, from that place until the Independence Place where the main activity took place, it is around 1 km. the Independence Place is consider as the historical place since November 11, 1975 the day that the first Angola president, Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto had proclaimed the independence of the country. Actually, August 22 was an historical and excited day for our providence in Angola, we felt the presence of our True Parents and all good ancestors of Angola attended that event. The Angola Ministry of the Interior gave some effective of police, cars, motorcycles to protect and guide our members during the Peace Road activity using the public road until the independence historical place while members were sing the holy song.

In the Independence Place, the national leader rev. Pedro explained during 12 minutes about our True Parents, s vision of peace and after that some VIPs holding their signatures in the banner and after some of members did the same. Finally, the great victory was declared together: Uog mansei for Heavenly Father, True Parents, for the unification of the Korea Peninsula, for vision 2020, for Peace Road in Angola, Africa and the worldwide. After all activity, members share the jus, cakes and water as the symbol of unity between all family members. Aju.

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