Introduction to Universal Peace Academy (UPA) in Brazil

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FFWPU Brazil, Brazil HQ – São Paulo: We had a special gathering with Rev. Kim Dong Woo, Dean of the Universal Peace Academy (UPA) on August 6, 2015, at our headquarters in Sao Paulo. By True Mother´s request, Rev. Kim is having a promotion tour in some countries in South America, starting with Brazil, in order to explain about the UPA’s goals and also to interview young people for potential candidates on prepare themselves for future leaders of Cheon Il Guk.

Rev. Dong Woo Kim was introduced by President Koichi Sasaki of FFWPU of Brazil, who also helped with the translation into Portuguese. Rev. Kim in a very cheerful manner made an excellent presentation. He also gave opportunity for Q&A for a better understanding of UPA.

During the lecture participants were all very interested about information they were receiving, regarding the qualifications that must be taken and the criteria that must be met to join this measure which was founded by True Mother in person.

At this meeting we could see a great atmosphere of enthusiasm among participants, especially among young people who felt touched and challenged to dedicate their lives for the cause of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. On this occasion we had the presence of about 275 participants:

The next morning, after Hoondokhwe Rev. Kim Dong Woo gave internal guidance and encouraged young people to fulfill their role in serving True Parents and to building a brighter future.

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