Hungary: Summer Camp 2015

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FFWPU Hungary, Tibor Krebsz: We held our summer camp from August 6 to 9. It was a Children’s Summer Camp for our 2nd generation age 6 to13. All together we had 51 children and 11 staff. And the theme for this year’s Summer camp was: “Hand in hand with True Mother” True Mother’s life was presented to the children in variant ways based on True Mother’s testimonies and True Father’s words. Also during the Hoon Dok reading we selected few chapters from True Father’s autobiography where he is sharing about True Mother. We also prepared a very moving video about True Mother’s life course from childhood to the present age.

As part of the Camp there were lot of fun with children, sports, singing, outing, challenge day, campfire. The camp ended at Sunday with Sunday service and we hope that the camp provided a good platform for Heavenly Parent and True Parents to come down and educate and love the 2nd generation children in Hungary.
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