Hometown: A Completely Unexpected Success

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FFWPU Austria, Barbara Grabner, 28. July 2015: In July 2014 I held my first public lecture in my home village south of Salzburg where our family spends the school holidays. Then I spoke about the influence of ancestors in our life, inherited sins and the course of indemnity. Thanks to the positive response of the audience I was invited to give another lecture this summer.

The founder and manager of the Thannhaus Museum reads much about psychic phenomena and many spiritually gifted persons visit her. A few months ago I suggested to her the topic “Visionaries and their Insights into the Spirit World” which she gladly accepted.

Beginning of July, I sent invitation letters to my relatives, the village mayor who was my school mate, teachers and others. When I approached people personally many said that they would be absent at the given date or that life after death does not interest them. I became worried and depressed. Clearly, the success of last year would not be repeated. No chance! My conditions – prayer and bowing – focused on 20 guests as a goal. But even this modest number would be hard to achieve given the fact that I had only a few contacts from my childhood.

Ten days before the lecture during morning prayer I got the inspiration to make a small poster and ask local shop owners to display it. Usually it is not easy for a private person to get approval but since the Thannhaus Museum is a local attraction my request met approval. From the local library to the mayor’s office to shops and restaurant my small poster was to be seen everywhere. The tourist office included the lecture in their weekly event newsletter. The positive response gave me confidence and I approached even unknown persons on the street and in shops. The spirit world was pushing me forward. Unexpectedly even some neighbors showed curiosity and interest.

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On Tuesday July 28, 2015 when we arrived at the museum, Inge was furnishing three rooms with seats. She had received many confirmations and was in best mood. I was skeptical but greeted gratefully every arriving guest. When at 20:00 everyone was seated,

Inge counted 49 participants among them four members from the Salzburg UC community. Inge had prepared chairs and benches in three rooms; I had to stand in the door frame of the main room and spoke loudly so that everyone could hear me.

At first the lecture largely followed the contents of the book “True Family Values” Chapter 5. Then I introduced some famous authors like Dante Aligheri and Emanuel Swedenborg.

Gottfried, a member who is a musician and poet read selected texts from the books “Heaven and Hell” and “A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” ending with “Hitler” by S.H. Lee. Though the lecture lasted almost two hours, the audience was attentive and quiet which is not typical for this place. After 22:00 a small group stayed on and asked me about reincarnation in which they believe. I said that it does not make sense, mainly because every child is unique and the fruit of its parents and ancestral lineage. Also the topic of guilt and forgiveness concerned them very much. In this group sat also my cousin Hans who is a well-known politician. He fully agreed with my answers. The next day Inge visited me at home and gave me a wonderful amethyst necklace as a reward. We also made plans for my next lecture which will focus on the Last Days as well as the significance of the 20th century as the period of the Second Coming.

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