Germany: Seminar on “Understanding God and the World”

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By FFWPU Germany, Fritz Piepenburg: Beginning from 10th of August and lasting till August 16, our second 7-day seminar on “The Divine Principle” took place at our seminar center Neumuehle. From among 28 participants, 10 arrived from Austria under the leadership of Elisabeth Cook and Dominique Haider. Hilke Ganz and Cilna Haubold led through the program. Fritz Piepenburg, Ulrich Ganz, Claus Dubisz and Dieter Schmidt were lecturers.

The seminar began with a round of introduction on Monday evening to get to know each other a bit better. During the following seven days everybody had plenty of opportunity to exchange views and stories with everybody else and thus establish very close ties of friendship. People were joining together as a closely knit group with strong bonds of friendship.

Group discussions played an important role in getting acquainted with each other. Just before lunch and dinner three groups were chosen by lottery for the sake of talking about the presentations in a smaller surrounding. There each member could voice his opinion and ask further questions.

The evening program consisted of bond fire with (old and new) songs, an evening in the yard between the houses for giving testimonies, a film evening with the French film “Monsieur Claud and his daughters” and a family night with song and performance. The Austrians organised the game “journey to Jerusalem”, where people dance around a chain of chair and quickly have to sit down, when the music stops

– with one chair missing. On Friday afternoon one group went to Limburg and entered the famous dome, while others went swimming in an open air basin in Bad Camberg. There were guided tours through the newly restored building of the Neumuehle, as well as explanations of the Biblical figures along the hillside.

The program was tightly filled with 21 lectures. Each participant received a certificate of acknowledgement on the last day. Everybody could voice his opinion/suggestions on a reflection sheet at the end of the seminar. People agreed that they wished to meet again – someday.

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Excerpts from the Reflection sheets:

Emmanuel: “The presentations were rather good, but the topic resurrection was best. I never heard anybody else explaining this topic so well.”

Franz-Josef: “I like the idea of selecting the groups by lottery. Thus we could hear from everybody something.”

Dieter: “The best was the change of group composition every day. In th is way we could meet with everybody in small groups.”

Jennifer: “The evening night was perfect and left room enough for individual exchange. Our trip to Limburg could have been a bit longer in time planning.”

Ivanna: “The atmosphere I liked best. Everything was very natural, full of joy and love. Very nice people! Like a good family.”

Monika: “It was very good to have different lecturers. Thus we could experience different aspects of the Principle.”

Marija: “The presenters did their very best. I wished I could write more quickly. I found the lecture on the return of the Messiah most impressive.”

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