Family in Danger – How Can we Protect the Family


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By Magda Haugen, Munich, Germany, 25. July 2015: Twenty UPF and WFWP members, an ambassador for peace and a new guest, attended this vivid event. After a nicely prepared breakfast Mrs. Magda Haugen, local coordinator of the WFWP, spoke about the following topics:

1. Nationwide ‘Allensbach-Survey’ / The family is alive – better as we think!

According to this study German families are more traditional than the media want us to believe. The family helps itself, and nether doesn’t freeze to death facing the various challenges of our days nor does it fall into refusal of reality. No, the family adapts to the new realities as flexible as necessary and as little as possible. All successful creatures have survived like that.

2. Alliance of Groups in Action “Demo for All”

Many family oriented groups work and stand up together, family organizations, political groups, Christian communities and individual initiatives have the common goal: “Get off from your couch or computer! Let’s go to the street and stand up for family rights, for marriage and family, against the Gender Ideology and the early sexualisation of our children!”

3.Family values and ideal

Article 6 of the German constitution emphasizes the special protection of marriage and family by the state! For the children the family is the most important place for their education and socialization.

4. Statements of experts (biologists, child psychologists)

The psychologist and educationalist Dr. Albert Wunsch works against the early sexualisation of children. He says: Each information that gets to children and teens too early under false frame conditions or by unsuitable persons easily produces confusion or denial.

Education in this respect is chance, mission and duty of the parents! Topics of values that need a positive relationship between parents and child cannot be taught at school. “Acceptance of sexual diversity” as a guideline in school curricula has to be cancelled.

5.The current situation: Tolerance

This term is used as warfare material in order to push through own viewpoints by a minority. According to the gender ideology man and woman are so called social constructs. The LGBT people – less than 1% of the population want acceptance and access to school curricula: every human being should be able to choose freely its gender (sex).

Marriage and family shall be destroyed. The German Protestant Church doesn’t consider anymore the biblical order of creation as a fundamental base. Roman Catholic gay-lobbyists have already found seven reasons (including biblical ones) for the same-sex-marriage in order to present them soon in Rome at the family synod.

But there is also more and more resistance. Pope Francis considers the family to be in danger and warns against the gender mainstreaming. In Rome recently one million people demonstrated for marriage and family.

Native Americans say No to same-sex- marriage. The two biggest tribes, Navajos and Cherokees, and nine other smaller tribes made a clear statement against gay-marriage. They have their own independent legislation and won’t change their marriage laws.

Of course in between there were vivid discussions and sharing, and many good points were made from the catholic viewpoint and from the scientific side.

The meeting ended with announcements of further events and the introduction of a family brochure that will soon be published.


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