Divine Principle Seminar: How to Restore Human Values

By FFWPU Romania, July 20 ~ 21, 2015: We organized a 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop in this semester, before the summer activities. We are deeply grateful to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for guiding us and our precious guests to meet and spend all this time together. We had 6 new guests that spent all the weekend with us, plus one that attended just the first day. Also we were so happy to have together with us the STF Europe team and also other CARP members that already graduated this Workshop and just came to support and help us organizing the activities.

Our main goal was to share with them about the Divine Principle, and giving them also the amazing news of living in the same time with the True Parents, the Second Coming of the Messiah. We had 7 lectures from the Divine Principle, presented by members of our blessed families, and in the end a lecture about CARP membership, what is CARP, who can be a CARP member and what kind of programs they can participate.

Our guests liked very much the presentations, they could think more providential history. They admitted that many things they never thought about, so all these things were revealing for them. Also they were really inspired by the CARP activities, that they have this opportunity to grow and make new friends, work together in a family environment. Five of them want to be CARP members and already subscribed for this.

The atmosphere was really joyful and energetic, as most of our guests were very young, high school students. But in the same time, they are quite serious about life and passionate about many things, their spirit is very awake.

We tried to create a family atmosphere by singing songs together, some team- games that we organized after lunch and also in the evening, at the end of the first day we had sharing time, where we could impart about the day, about the lectures, but also life and our experiences until now.

At the end of the second day, our guests wrote their thoughts after all these experiences. Here are some excerpts from their reflections:

Nicoleta Trandas (15 years old): “I came here to meet new people, to a better person by becoming a CARP member. These past two days were really amazing and they exceeded my expectations by far. I discovered a lot of new things through these presentations and they gave me the opportunity to think about things I would have most probably never thought. So I reflected upon these things, and by doing so, I think I got to know myself, and also my meaning in life a little better. That is why I am really thankful for everybody who helped me through these two days.”

Sofia Florescu (15 years old): “I came here to learn about the principles that the CARP members presented us and because of all these amazing people.

This 2 Days Workshop was awesome, it was really inspiring. I never thought about a lot of the things from what we talked about and now I am happy that I learned them. Also, here I started to ask a lot more questions and also some of my old ones were answered. This Workshop opened my eyes a lot more. Beside the lectures, the games and activities we had made me realise how important is the connection between people and how happy can it make you.

Also the teamwork and love spread around here is incredible and it really makes you think about true love.”

Maria Bicu (17 years old): “I felt great in the 2 Days Workshop; I found out more about life, religion, principles of life. I never thought that you treasure so much life and the principles of life. I think that I needed this, so I want to thank you so much!”

Dorin Vasile (20 years old): ”In these 2 days I could study more deeply the Divine Principles, I could make more profound relationships with the members, which is a better way of spending the time than I was doing usually. I feel that I started a trip that will change me completely.”

Florin Brekner (28 years old): ”I feel that people here are amazing and I can see how they are working every day with their conscience and that are trying to take good decisions and inspire the others. It was an experience that shouldn’t be missed.”

Florin P. (22 years old): “I like that I found out more about the activities in Romania CARP and that I always enjoyed the friendly and family environment.”

We hope that through this workshop we could inspire them to see a different perspective about their life of faith, about God and His hope for them, and that they could really feel our True Parents’ culture of true love and desperate heart of revealing God’s truth. We are anxious to meet them again, to work together in order to restore ourselves, and work to restore our country. Aju!


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