Cameroon: Visit by the Regional President and a Divine Principle Workshop

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FFWPU Cameroon, LAU KHONDE ASONG: The West Africa Regional President, Reverend Doctor CHO DONG HO arrived in Douala-Cameroon at the early morning on August 1st, 2015. He was accompanied by his assistant Mrs. N’Gayor Brou Catarine and the Central Africa Sub Regional Director, Reverend Futila-di-Mayeko Michel.

They were welcomed at the airport by the national leader of Cameroon and some few members of Douala. After a short rest in the Hotel, they took another flight and reached Yaoundé airport, Nsimalen at 8.15’ am. They were then conducted to the Church center for the welcome by members, prayer and breakfast before going to the Hotel des Députés were they were lodged.

During his short stay of one day in Yaoundé, he could visit the plots of the Peace Embassy and the Training Center. He also listened to Cameroon activity report and inspired the leaders and elders of Cameroon through his lecture. He also met and talked with the leaders of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

He left for Côte d’ Ivoire in the morning of August 2nd 2015 leaving a good mark and a lot of inspiration in the hearts of Cameroon members.

After his departure, Reverend Futila held a one day workshop with members in Yaoundé on August 2nd and with those in Douala on August 5, 2015.

We believe that with all the stimulation received, members in Cameroon are going to do their best to increase their number to 1.000 through witnessing and comfort True Mother’s heart by responding actively to the Goals of the vision 2020.

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