Brazil: The 7th Home Group National Event

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By FFWPU Brazil: The 7th Home Group national event was held with a great victory on June 21, 2015, in the main hall of the Brazil’s FFWPU headquarters and simultaneously in over 17 states of Brazil.

We had a total of 3385 people participating. Among them, 968 (28,5%) were new guests involved in Home Groups, One-on-One and Oikos program. All the blessed families and members in Brazil had a great union of heart for this victory. All over the country, the members and guests were very excited and full of energy to keep the Home Group activities. We are seeking for the victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah and for the Vision 2020.

At the event in ffwpu headquarter we had inspiring moments as the words of the South America Regional President and the Cheon Il Guk special envoy, Rev. Dong Mo Shin had shown us his great love for the Brazilian nation through speaking in Portuguese. President of FFWPU Brazil, Mr. Koichi Sasaki, spoke with a slide show of how exciting the Brazil’s Home Groups are. Also he spoke about the testimony of a new member who was getting a great victory and changing his life through the weekly goal and to encourage and emphasize the importance of the practice of Oikos. Also, we had the award ceremony for the Home Group members who brought more new guests for the event.

Through the Home Group events members in every corner of the country were encouraged and felt hopeful for the national explosion of witnessing. An example is the case of Brumado church; where in the last two national events exceeded the maximum capacity of the church main hall.

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