Australia: 1-Day Younger 2nd Gen Seminar

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FFWPU Oceania: On July 10 we had a workshop for blessed children living in Sydney. The name of the workshop was “Who Am I? What shall I do?” In this work shop, there were three middle school students and two elementary school students who attended.

We showed them a movie, gave lectures about identification, and the 4 great realms of heart during this workshop. In the first section, after watching the movie Lion King, we compared the background of the protagonist with the 2nd generation. We taught them that we were given an identity as sons and daughters who must make the world happy.

In the second section, we talked about the practice of love between brothers, sisters, and parents, which will make a happy family. Through this, we learned that a happy family and world started from us.

After the lecture, we spent time discussing what they do in order to practice loving and discovering new ways to practice from now on. Even though few members attended this workshop, it was a great opportunity for young blessed children to learn about their identity and how to live happily as sons and daughters of True Parents.

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