Albania: Summer 15-Day Divine Principle Studies

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BY FFWPU Albania, July 13-28, 2015: We are very happy to be able to tell you about the summer 15 day Divine Principle workshop which took place from July 13, to July 28, 2015 in our Training Centre in Mullet, Tirana – Albania.

The unusual heat and high temperatures which accompanied us during the whole workshop didn’t stop the participants and the workshop staff to create a heavenly and joyful atmosphere. In total there were around 80 young people involved in the workshop and about 60 of them were participants.

During the 15 day workshop, participants went through many different activities and our goal was for all participants, guests and staff, to experience God’s heart and spirit world in a very personal level. This time however, we had few additional activities where participants joined and worked really hard. On July 17th we had the closing event for the Peace Road project in Albania and all participants became part of it, most of them through bicycling and others singing at the main event.

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As usual, the first week of the workshop consists on studying deeply the content of the Divine Principle. At the end of DP lectures, one and a half day was dedicated to study True Parents’ life course. We were very happy this time to have with us during some part of the workshop, True Parents’ Special Emissaries for Europe Dr. Pak and Prof. Moon who gave very inspiring presentations to WS participants. First Prof. Moon gave a beautiful testimony on True Parents and later Dr. Pak gave two lectures on True Father’s life course.

The first part of the workshop concluded with lecture competition and a test on the Divine Principle content.

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The second week of the workshop started with two lectures on Formula Course followed by a challenge day for all participants. What they learned during the lectures, they had to practice by challenging themselves one full day in Fundraising. Even though it was so hot and we did worry a lot, at the end of the day everybody came back safely and the spiritual atmosphere was at its peak. Almost all of them had wonderful experiences and couldn’t wait to share with others.

The second week continued with lectures on Life of Faith, Family Pledge, Cheon Il Guk Providence, Cheongpyeong Providence, lecture on Prayer, True Parents’ Tradition, Testimonies from Ambassadors for Peace, Special Lectures from Rev. Shin – True Parents’ Special Envoy to Albania etc.

All the lecturers did their best to convey divine principle content and True Parents’ education materials to participants. Testimonies given by ambassador for peace also moved their hearts. This time we had Dr. Arben Malaj – chairman of National Peace Council. He is a former Government Minister and well-known politician in Albania who is very much respected by people in general. The other ambassador for peace was Mr. Ali Lacej – chairman of Albanians’ Peace Council. He is a very close friend and longtime supporter of True Parents. The next day Mr. Bajram Ibraj – Albania UPF chairman visited us, and shared his heart and love with the participants from his experiences with True Parents.

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A very important internal part of the program was the Evening Prayer Session on July 26th and Determination Session on July 27th where many brothers and sisters had deep spiritual experiences for the first time in their lives and truly expressed that their lives were changed because of Divine Principle and True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind.

Of course other activities such as Fire Camp, Family Evening, Swimming Pool, Volleyball, and Competing Games among teams made the workshop very intensive and everybody did challenge successfully the hot weather.

To mention is the hard work of all brothers and sisters who worked as staff for this WS. Kitchen staff, prayer team, three MCs of the workshop Mateo, Majlinda and Ermela and especially the 7 team leaders who did take care personally for each member of their team. We say a big thank you to them all.

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During the last day, all the participants wrote down their feelings and experiences they had during this 15 days, and the one who were for the first time in 15 days workshop received the certificate for successfully finishing the workshop. We also gave some prices for 3 best teams of the workshop, 3 beast fundraising teams, 3 best new guests lecturers and for the 3 new guests who had the best results in Divine Principle test.

Most importantly, we do hope that many of these beautiful brothers and sisters will determine to become part of the 40 day mobilization which starts on August 2nd and practice what they learned here.

We cannot but feel very grateful to Heavenly Parent & True Parents for this special time and the opportunity given to us to grow together with those new brothers & sisters who were reborn through Divine Principle!

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  • “This was my first 15 day workshop and I am sorry that it finished so quickly. I had experiences like I didn’t have before like doing different responsibilities, waking up early. This workshop made me more patients and working more. Also, not less important, is that I grew spiritually helping other brothers and sisters. Prayer room was the place that calmed me every day, and the place which I will miss the most. There I felt relaxed and when coming out I felt that all my problems remained there. The “burning ceremony” helped me a lot psychologically and now I feel more liberated. I see another person growing in me and I am very grateful toward all that gave me love and made me feel good. This summer I really got a valuable training!”
  • “For me was the first time to be in such activity, where different from other participants, I have an older age….. From all days of workshop, most special was the one of fundraising. I never imagined myself being part of such activity. In this day, my spiritual mother transmitted to me a very positive energy, that only mothers knows to give that to their child. This made me look at life not only black and white, but gave me courage to continue further and to think positively for everything….”
  • “….. I understood that we can’t neglect even a second, that’s why few days ago I made a deal with myself not to sleep during lectures and not to look at the watch, but to concentrate at lecturers. When I did this, I started to listen to lecturers more deeply and this was an extraordinary inspiration, and with this I understood that how people could listen to True Father for 18 hours, it was an unforgettable feeling in my memory. Do you understand? This is the power of Principle which Heavenly Parent brought through True Parents. I hope that this inspiration remains even after the end of the workshop and to do this I promised many things to Heavenly Parents! Thank you for being near me! I love you so much!”
  • “…. I think that I really had nice time, and I learned many important lectures for my life and I made one more step to understand God’s Heart. I think that I didn’t start casually this way; I think I am here for something more important predestined by Creator, and I will do my best to complete His Will. Promise You God!!!”
  • “This workshop has been very special to me. I always missed people with pure spirit who want to help other without interest, and I found them here. Everything was very beautiful. From the first day I was happy to experience something new in my life, I was learning step by step how important is God for me. I received information that deeply inside me didn’t understand well, or I can’t still believe, but this will need more time… Most special was angel’s game. A feeling of care for someone whom you don’t know, a desire to make something happy, without understanding that at the end most happy will be you. I forgot to write many beautiful things, but are feelings that I can’t describe. Thank you for everything!”
  • “… Most special on this workshop for me was to be group leader. This helped me to see things from a wider and deeper viewpoint. I learned how important is to feel every participants as your brother or sister. We were taught many times to have this feeling, but in the moment that you really feel this or experience personally is something really deep. How beautiful to feel all like your family!”
  • “The life that I saw until now is one of suffering, pain, destruction, disappointments and bitterness. And if wouldn’t be for True Father, I would live my life like that forever. During this workshop I learned many new things which I didn’t have the possibility to learn in any place, priceless things. I am very grateful to True Parents that brought such a grace in this world….”
  • “this workshop was very important to me, it was different from imagination and I can say sincerely that it was better that I thought. I gained many things, reflected on many other things, challenged myself and I came to know myself better. I think that I am living more matured and ready for life. I activated more my original nature. This workshop discovered something more beautiful and pure from the depth of myself. I hope that God can be proud for me and to guide me in His righteous way. I sincerely promise that what I learned here will not end here, not is time to practice and I will do it!”


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