Albania: 40-Day Summer Witnessing

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By FFWPU Albania: At the end of our summer 15 day Divine Principle workshop, on July 28th 2015 we invited all the participants to join the summer 40 day mobilization which began on August 2nd and will continue to September 8th 2015.

We were very happy to welcome 43 brothers and sisters who had decided to join the mobilization 2015 in our Training Centre.

After receiving some lecture on witnessing based on True Father’s words, 7 teams were established with 6 members in each team. Out of these teams, one will be raising funds around Albania to support 100 orphan children with school materials for their new academic year.

The other 6 teams will be witnessing in our local FFWPU and CARP Centers, studying more deeply the Divine Principle, practicing in giving lectures, study and practicing True Parents tradition, organizing social activities for people in need etc.

The mobilization will conclude with a 4 day Divine Principle workshop, where teams will try to bring their guests and experience the heart of spiritual parent.

We wish to all brothers and sisters a great time during this hot summer time and may they all experience Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ hearts while they offer themselves in the frontline.

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