A Breakthrough in Tribal Messiahship through the Wedding Party of a Second Generation Blessed Couple



FFWPU France: It is about the beauty and value of the Blessing to relatives and friends. This event was held on July 11, 2015 in Sarzeau and it was organized by Drevici and Ladouce families, CARP we had around 100 participants (20 guests). The budget was covered by both families and the private donations of members.



Franz-Pol Ladouce and Julia Drevici received the Blessing in February 2013 and attended Foundation Day. Before and after the Blessing, both studied Korean for 3 years and were always very involved in witnessing activities and workshops for guests and for members. On July 11, 2015, they held their civil wedding in Julia’s hometown of Sarzeau (Bretagne). They wanted the party to be a celebration of love and family values that would please Heaven and give good memories to both families and relatives, while gathering many Unificationnists and their friends. The setting was great and the party ended with a boat cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan.

The mayor of the city, Mr David Lapartien, expressed his admiration of the family of the bride, who had 8 Blessed children. “As the mayor of this city, I gave the medal of the large family only once in my life to such a couple, and today, Julia, the second child has returned to her hometown with her life partner.” He insisted on the Korean studies of both of them and mentioned their gap year dedicated to Espace Culture et Paix, the name of our witnesing center in Paris. Before proceeding to the wedding, he invited Guillaume and Norina Marion to sing a congratulatory song, which is never done usually in France. I can’t help falling in love with you elicited a few tears and a warm round of applause. “I have never seen a marriage like this”, commented Mr Paul Ladouce, the grand-father of Franz-Pol. Mr Ladouce has been very hostile to our movement for decades but has changed dramatically in the recent years and was deeply moved by the whole day, commenting that the young people there were very bright, capable, and good- mannered. The friends attending the party all had a very good impression and were excited by the atmosphere.

The mayor and the bridegroom and bridewere greeted by musicians after the ceremony. “I can’t help falling in love with you”interpreted by CARP members Guillaume and Norina Marion was one of the highlights of this very unusual wedding.

Most participants commented on the good quality of the organization and of the atmosphere. All events were conducted with much love and care, and the whole ceremony was elegant, high-spirited. The reason for this is the total investment of Franz-Pol and Julia and the unconditional support of the CARP community. Our second generations invested all their heart and soul to make the event remarkable and of great style but at the same time genuine and good-hearted. Many members sang songs, and a local jazz band played good standards with Patrick Drevici, the father of the bride, playing the trumpet.


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