Sun Jin Nim’s Address at the SunHak Peace Prize Ceremony Commemorative Luncheon

The 3rd Universal Seonghwa Memorial of True Father

SunHak Peace Prize Ceremony Commemorative Luncheon

Address by Chairman, Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation, Sun Jin Moon,

Seoul InterContinental Grand Hotel, Orchid Ballroom – August 28, 2015

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Your Excellencies, Honored Sunhak Peace Prize Laureates, Leaders from around the world, Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation and the Universal Peace Federation, I am delighted to welcome you all to this Congratulatory Banquet in honor of the Inaugural Award Ceremony of the SUNHAK Peace Prize.

On behalf of my mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for being here today on this historic occasion.

In addition, I want to express my wholehearted respect, appreciation and congratulations to both Sunhak Peace Prize Laureates, President Anote Tong and Dr. Modadugu Vijay Gupta.

The founders of the SUNHAK Peace Prize, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, dedicated their lives fully and completely to building a world of universal peace. The overriding focus of their work has always been to bring about unification of the whole human family. With this ideal embedded in their hearts, they continually spoke of their vision of building “one family under God,” a world wherein all people live together in harmony, cooperation and mutual prosperity, bound together by a culture of heart, a culture of true love.

Such a world cannot be achieved automatically or by some miracle. Rather, it requires human responsibility, acting in accordance with God’s will and divine providence. To achieve the ultimate goal of universal peace one principle stands out above all others; that is the principle of living for the sake of others. This is the principle of true love. It is the key to peace for the whole human family.

My parents overcame many obstacles as they walked this difficult path. They planted seeds of peace all along the way. Those seeds have taken root, and are now flourishing. They have made their mark in every corner of the world, in the fields of government and religion, academia and the media, the arts and sports, and among both young and old, men and women, indeed, the whole human family. There is no area or sector of society they did not seek to contribute to and guide toward the highest standards of achievement.

The Sunhak Peace Prize pays tribute to this amazing legacy of peace.

Accordingly, as we prepared for the Inaugural SUNHAK Peace Prize, we considered many areas of specialization that might be our focus: interfaith dialogue; international relations; conflict resolution; women’s empowerment; or, peace education. In the end we elected to focus on the theme of the environment and sustainable development, with special emphasis on the ocean as a precious natural resource.

My father spent probably half of his life at sea. He viewed the ocean as absolutely essential for sustainable development and peace. He developed aquaculture technologies and fish powder to help end malnutrition and hunger among the world’s poor. He taught us all the value of having a respectful, harmonious relationship with the oceans and the whole planetary environment.

To quote my Father, “Nature is our first mother; we receive everything to support our life and to grow from that mother.” (CSG40) Furthermore, he said, “The origin of all beings on earth, the origin of all created beings, is love.” (SCG35)

Unfortunately, we have failed in our responsibility to care for this earth, and too often we have taken this great gift of nature for granted. Suffice to say, our planet, our home, is facing an environmental crisis.

This world was created to sustain life and to provide a place for human flourishing among all living things and all the wonderful beauty of nature. That is why True Mother [or my mother] created the Sunhak Peace Prize, to honor my late father’s teachings and the deep love he had for creation. She has always taught us that we must live our lives for the sake of others and leave this world better than we found it. Today we honor two people who embody this ideal.

Our two Sunhak Peace Prize laureates, President Tong and Dr. Gupta, exemplify the principle of living for the sake of others, and they have each demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of the whole human family, including generations to come. I applaud your achievement, and I hope we can continue to collaborate on projects that promote sustainable development.

The Sunhak Peace Prize, a secure and noble foundation has been established on this day. Please be assured that I, together with my mother, and our entire worldwide movement, will work tirelessly to develop the vision of the Sunhak Peace Prize and to create one peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

In closing I want to say a special word of love and appreciation for my mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. It is due to her loving and steadfast leadership that we are gathered here today for such an inspiring and meaningful program. Let us continue to work together to promote the vision of one unified world. And through the Sunhak Peace Prize, honor the innovators and noble men and women spearheading the way for positive change.

May God bless you all, and your families and your nations. Aju! Thank you. Namaste.