You Must Now Soar

 This is the message True Mother gave on June 22, 2015 at a hoondokhae breakfast meeting at Cheon Jeong Gung. (Published in True Peace magazine July 2015 issue)

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With the third anniversary of True Father’s seonghwa coming up, the purpose of this meeting is to think about how we will achieve mind–body unity and how all our churches and organizations can become one so that we can return success to God, respond with determination to God and start on a fresh footing.


This is a new era

Even though I have toured Europe and the United States, the external environment is becoming more difficult for humankind. Throughout the world, aren’t there concerns about whether the earth can endure into the future in a healthy state?

True Parents have opened a new era. You are in blessed families that need to settle the Cheon Il Guk era, which exceeds the two thousand years of Christian history, by quickly making True Parents’ achievements known to the world.

Leaders’ devotion and abilities must cause them to succeed at once. You cannot keep wasting time, saying, That is enough for now, that’s enough for today, or let’s do it the day after tomorrow if we cannot do it tomorrow.

What is more, you will say that you have done your best in the positions you have held until now. However, from God’s standpoint those are very weak statements. The sixty-first anniversary of the founding of our church has just passed. If looked at in terms of human age, it is a sixty year old. How much of a foundation have you built to be able to show something to the world? In short, your record is more shameful than glorious.

Are you just going to sit here at a standstill? You have to leap. You have to soar. To do this, you need to unite. You have to cooperate. You should not make excuses anymore. Do not make the excuse that it is too hard.

You should be positive: I can do it. I just have to do it! I did it! You need to make a habit of this attitude.

The status of the Unification Church has soared all around the world. It is different from the past. Through today’s hoondokhae, I know that you have already been reminded once, but if Jesus, who had come as the Messiah, as the only begotten son of God, had met the only begotten daughter of God, the Israelites would have prepared a national foundation.

In that sense, as leaders, as blessed members that have received the blessing by True Parents’ grace, have your actions restored the nation? If you feel sorry to True Father, shouldn’t you do your duty toward True Mother, who is on earth? When you do, there is a future for the Unification Church and Unificationist families. The Christian culture took two thousand years. Shouldn’t we be different? This is providential history, which has supported the substantial True Parents. If you live one day as if it were a thousand years, nothing is impossible.

In Las Vegas, I told them to liberate their ancestors. What I meant is that we need to establish a foundation, an environment for True Father, so that he can work in the spirit world. No matter whether he is the absolute being or the king of kings, he cannot let his status be known without citizens to do activities. There should be citizens. The spirit world was darkened by its relationship with Satan over the past six thousand years. By liberating, blessing and educating your ancestors, the path to a good spirit world will open. This will expand the environment in which True Father can work.

The history of civilization is the same. Many conveniences make life more comfortable and faster, save time and space and contribute to civilization. By utilizing these to their utmost, we should teach pitiable human beings about True Parents. You should let them know, “True Parents have come as pioneers and have worked for humankind. Thus, they have opened Cheon Il Guk. You all have the opportunity to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Come!”

We have sent missionaries to many countries all over the world, but in reality many countries still have not accepted the Family Federation or the Unification Church. Even Europe is still like that. I know that it has been difficult for members because it is where the Christian culture originated and we have received great opposition there.

However, this is a new era. The Christian culture is of the past. Currently, there is no other path to the future but us. We need to teach this.

Among the regional leaders here, some have traveled as much as four or five hours. We can act on all the ways to lessen distance and time. We can make that happen. Isn’t that so?

We need to have a system that can educate the whole world about True Parents at once. We need to make it one system. In order to do this substantially, the Cheon Il Guk Media Committee should unite with the FFWPU International Headquarters and lead the global providence. For this, we need the right people. We need brains. Thus, we will have a World Missions Strategy and Training Institute at the mission headquarters.

I know that within the association, organizations are being made. Also, PeaceTV is providing much grace to members through the Weekly Updates. We are in the position to design the past, present and future. In order to do this, we should study, develop and advance these under one system. Do you understand?

The word, the Principle, is important in raising a human being. Those who do not grow up with the Principle will bend here and there depending on the situation or environment, like a wavering reed. Yet, those who know the Principle do not waver.

What is at the center of the Principle? True Parents! A great gap exists between the first generation and the second generation. In this state, you cannot take responsibility for the past, present or future. Therefore, what is it that I stressed first at True Father’s ascension? I stressed church innovation through the spirit and the truth! Cultivate competent individuals and educate those in our second generation! Isn’t that right? In addition, there are the Three Great Scriptures, which is the center for our Unificationists.

Chambumo Gyeong is to be completed in Korean and English by the third anniversary of the seonghwa. I did everything I could for you. What more is there?


Life-guiding textbooks

The earth, which God created, has caught the measles. It is sick. That is why climate change is occurring.

How about the Korean Peninsula? This country, which used to have clear distinctions between the four seasons is turning into a subtropical region. If this happens, it will destroy nature.

Many different types of trees will become sick. What tree represents the ten traditional Symbols of Longevity in Korea? It the pine tree, isn’t it? Pine trees are sick too. Will we just watch this happen? I think we should research the idea of changing the type of trees that can take root in the Cheongshim complex.

I am quite weary. All parents in the world feel weary if they have many children, right? Just as God originally created, shouldn’t we protect the original Garden of Eden? If you do not protect it and keep it steady through everything, from one to ten, it will not do well. Thus, would this make one comfortable or weary? You need to grow as a pious child centered on the past, as a pious child centered on the present, and then as a pious son, daughter, and loyal subject centered on the future. Do you have this mindset?

(At yesterday’s meeting, I heard Chairman Choi of our organization talking about the development of the Catholic Church, but those people do not have life. They may gather people, but that is of the past. That church does not give life.) You are True Parents’ church, which will open the path to living as true children of our Heavenly Parent. You are in a position where neither heaven nor earth can replace you. This is a blessed position.

You all have the power to turn muddy water into pure, clear water. Shouldn’t such people change now? It is no longer, “Done yesterday, done today.” Do you understand? I hope you all become people I can remember before I go to the spirit world. The thing that you can boast of to the world or to the spirit world is how much you have a good standard in front of True Parents. There are no families that True Father remembers.

Results are important. Your remaining time on earth is important. I hope that you can make decisions and resolutions here./

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